High Ground

History / Thriller / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
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December 12, 2020


Callan Mulvey as Bobby Ray
Caren Pistorius as Claire
David Field as Keithy George
Simon Baker as Junior Armstrong
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alexander_Blanchett 8 / 10 / 10

Simple story in astonishing sorroundings

Truly a magnificant modern western Setting in Australia. It is built up as a Revenge Thriller which gives the whole Thing a totally different touch and a nice Twist. The Story is simple but the sorroundings and the history behind it is what makes the film Special and exciting. The acting was very good, too. Simon Baker shined in a totally different Kind of role, far away from the Pretty Boy or Mentalist times. It was a great opportunity to Showcase him as a leading man for Cinema too. Its Always great to see Jack Thompson, especially in Projects all his heart and Soul are involved with as it was in this. The true discovery however is Jacob Junior Nayinggul who was absolutely breathtaking in his first leading role and a true discovery. I hope we get the opportunity to see much more of him in the future. Another fantastic aspect of the film was the fantastic cinematography and capture of pure nature. It actually made it look like nature Played an important supporting role in this and it Kind of did. Really a very good ´film, important to see also for ist cultural aspects.

Reviewed by pmathias-56255 9 / 10 / 10

A Guide to viewing High Ground.

The timing of this movie's release is of no coincidence, and the story conveyed within it is far from simple. Seen by itself it could be easy to view it as a simple story. But seen in a wider context it has the potential to bridge great divides that stand between us. With so much division and conflict in the world, it is time to forgive and heal "High ground" presents an opportunity to serve this process when seen it the proper context. During my conversations with senior elders from the central desert, I was shown what is required for true healing to occur in Australia between its many peoples and the first tribes. The famous apology by Kevin Rudd in parliament in 2008 did not heal the wound. What is required is more personal, like an exercise you might do at school. Imagine that you are the sole survivor of the massacre, that you are the last of your tribe, your family. Those who you have seen cut down in front of you are your uncles and aunties, your brothers and sisters, your nephews and nieces, your mother and your father. Allow yourself to feel this fully, do not hold back. Put yourself right into the depth of it. Suffer it, conduct this pain in silence, because no one is going to listen to you, no one is going to come and save you, and no justice is going to be served on your behalf. If you do this exercise fully, it will break you and wound you. You will act differently and behave differently. And when you stand in front of the real elders, they will see it in your eyes, see it in your body. Words will not be required, handouts will not be necessary. Understanding and compassion will be the case. Forgiveness will be its sign. This is how we heal, this is the way of the heart. The 1992 movie "Thunder Heart" staring Val Kilmer, documents the massacre of Sioux Indians at Wounded knee in south Dakota. This movie should be seen before you see High Ground. This pattern that has played out through history, is as old as the story of Cane and Abel, whereby we would kill our brother to possess his land. Yet even after all this blood shed, the death of so many innocent, the true spirit of a living man and living woman, still shines forth. Unblemished by the suffering of this world, we call out to our brothers and sisters. "we are one family, time to stop behaving as if we were not!" This is the unspoken message of "High Ground" and the many movies that have portrayed similar stories. Australia is entering a time of prophecy and many great events will soon transpire that will restore hope and joy into the hearts of all Australians. This movie can be the catalyst to great change, we are waiting for your response and we will see the answer in your eyes and hearts.

Reviewed by kosmasp 9 / 10 / 10

Down (under) and dirty

There are certain things that will either be enticing to the viewer or annoying to boring. In this case we are talking about a more or less simple story, with clear "bad guys", but also a lot of shading when it comes to the good people (and some of whom we'd call bad). So while we have some cliche and paper thin morals at certain moments, they do not feel fake. Quite the opposite it feels as real as possible, especially the people who play the natives, who also have different layers to them and different reactions to the invasion and provocation. This really is gritty and therefor not to everyones taste - it does what it says though and in a very engaging way! Not just decent, but really good!

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