High on the Hog


Action / Crime / Drama

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October 10, 2021



Jesse C. Boyd as Breeze
Joe Estevez as Agent Dick
Robert Z'Dar as The Mayor
Sid Haig as Big Daddy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10 / 10

super duper high

How to review this?????mmmmmmmmmmmm, well its full of drugs, mostly homemade stuff, with a cartoon sized story and some ample and fruity characters.. its all about a khush farmer in the midle of nowhere united states, and all his friends and followers, including the sheriff +deputy and the bartending mayor. their opposition is a burnout federal agent and his rather sour staff of bosses and helpers. its a build up to the final battle between good and evil, including sex,nudity and hippie ayo muffin puffin weed killin atmosphere.how it ends ....? at first glance i wanted to terminate the try because mthe sound and socalled picture quality were awful, and the editing are extremely fast and shifting, like an angels farting dust on overdrive. but somehow i was lured into the business,and started to enjoy the characters so much that i couldnt stop it. the never mind , live high and live free feeling really smat over on me , i even had a few laughs and thats not bad considering the grumpy old man i am. just mentioning the score, that is well chosen and well dictated into the film, and the actors that are merely unknown to me ,does a pretty good job on the set. there are no sense of seriousity in this flick, so if you are a darn normal person who believes in the numberless amounts of amendments,then skip this. but its recommended from me, though with a low score

Reviewed by fluffchop 3 / 10 / 10

Hard to watch

There is just so much crap on the screen all the time. It's actually a very boring movie without the random crap every half a second. It makes it seem like the longest movie of all time. Sid Haig gives a great performance with several monologues throughout. It's ultimately a really interesting presentation of an old story. Illegal drug farming alerts the feds. Feds go in and everyone starts shooting. The final scene makes zero sense whatsoever. It's a stupid film for an enjoyably stupid watch.

Reviewed by desertscrpion 3 / 10 / 10

High On The Hog One Of The Craziest And Funny Movies Of All Time And is a Tribute To One Of Those Over The Top Grindhouse And 70s Explotation Movies.

"High On The Hog" That Stars The Legendary Character Actor Sid Haig An Superb Performance That Will Definitely Called To Be One Of His Very Best Movie Roles Of His Career Who Also Produced This Film As Well As "Big Daddy" Who Owns a Farm That Makes Large Portions Of Growing Majurana Weeds And Selling Them To The Market And Also Too This Film Features The Last Film Role For Robert D'Zar Who's Known For The Vignette Maniac Cop Character Passed Away After Filming This Film Who Plays a Character Name "Mayor Dewey". High On The Hog is Sure One Kinda Crazy An Over The Top And Violent Movie And it's a Must See Film For All Of Those Sid Haig Movie Fans Out There.

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