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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tjgoulet 8 / 10 / 10

Surprising good, well acted and funny

I'm not really sure what else you'd be looking for in a "rom com" but this checks all the boxes for me. I'd never heard of it and had no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. It has a very real feeling to it and the actors did a great job. The only thing that was stretch a bit was the fact that people were very open with deeply personal issues. That's not typical but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. If also a bit more vulgar than a typical rom com that wasn't made by Judd Apatow but I still found it pretty entertaining. I was surprised to see the review score so low on this one. Definitely underrated.

Reviewed by Zettelhead 4 / 10 / 10

Lighthearted adult comedy - that finaly misses the point

This movie is funny, sexy, has good acting and even a nice cinematography. And it is moving more and more into daring territory and challenges conservative sexual morality. But just to a certain extent. After Audra and Noel finally let their pretences and reservations drop and have a threesome with freeminded Holly the real nature of Audra and Hollys relationship is revealed: they had a serious lesbian relationship over two years in college. And they are still in love, allthough Audra loves Noel as well. Everything seems to point out to a possible realy free minded polyamourous relationship of the three, but at this point the heterosexual Noel is threatened and shuts the door to this possible future. So does the writer/director. In the end the whole "menage a trois" is reduced to a sexual fantasy coming true to spice up the conservative heterosexual marriage. The bisexuality of Audra is reduced to some teenage folly. So finally this movie, allthough it seemed to be very promising, returns to the male dominated norm, and its fear to be downsized by female emotional and sexual potential, instead of using this potential to step into a more broad minded state of consciousness and relationship - like executed in the fine movies "Kiss me again" or "Prof. Marston and the Wonderwoman". But still, it is funny and sexy and maybe makes some people think a little about their sexual and social boundaries.

Reviewed by cruise01 4 / 10 / 10

Boring comedy.

Holly Slept Over (2 out of 5 stars). Holly slept over is a eh comedy film about a couple which the wifes friend from college is coming to visit. Well the husband finds out the wife actually slept with her and had an attraction. Well the plot is about him trying to get his wife and Holly to all have a threesome. The plot is very thin. With a forgettable storyline. The performances were serious. The theme of the story is about a couple trying to spice their marriage. They had a few laughs very few in between. The direction is dull. Overall, Holly Slept Over is a boring comedy that lacks with a story. Script. And humor.

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