Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

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Gunnar Hansen as Captain Pétur
Linnea Quigley as Miss Barbeau
Michelle Bauer as Cindy Jakulski
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rasmusrosenberg-92293 10 / 10 / 10

sehr gut

Good plot, deep and well made characters, symbolic, creeps, hookers

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10 / 10

Fun and enjoyable B-movie classic

After a string of recent murders, a private detective asked to look for a missing teenager in Los Angeles finds the girl has gotten mixed up in a cult of chainsaw-worshipping hookers gathering potential targets to offer in a sacrificial ritual and must save her before it's too late. This here was quite the fun and goofy effort. One of the finest points in this one is the fact that there's very little shame in the absolutely cheesy and silly atmosphere here. The sense of humor here is incredibly fun, making this one quite easy to watch as there's a lot of humorous jokes, quips and situations that manage to provide plenty of laughs here, as well as the utterly unneeded voice-over narration that goes against everything usually found during the particular sequence. As these come about mainly from the utterly ridiculous plot line that comes about here, which has so many oddly intertwined story lines here that it manages to bring out the crazy situations rather nicely here with all that it includes so many goofy times here. Connecting ancient Egyptian folklore to that of a chainsaw-worshipping society disguised as hookers leaves such a silly taste here that it really drives the film forward rather nicely here by engaging in so much extreme silliness with the incredibly fun scenes found in the later half when it really takes advantage of the situation. Taking place in the abandoned warehouse filled with the low-rent artifacts to make it look like something set in that kind of location which becomes all the more fun with the fun action taking place throughout here from the special ceremonial rituals that take place featuring the chainsaws being refueled by the women to the gathered masses seeing the different means of preparation that they go through which sets up the big finale with the chainsaw-wielding girls going through the big dance that lets this one end on a high note. As well, this one features all the fun and cheesy gore and nudity with the series of encounters they have with their clients while pretending to be hookers before turning the tables on everyone which allows this to indulge in those elements rather freely which help to give this a rather cheesy atmosphere. These here manage to hold this up over it's small and somewhat unimportant if still present flaws. The main issue here is the fact that the film really doesn't have any real plot-point to talk about as there's a series of unrelated and unconnected scenes that come together to form a coherent story. This one just rambles along at a decent pace with a series of scenes that don't really feel like part of the same story overall since the goofiness of it all makes no sense. It never makes any kind of connection between the need for the Egyptian nature of the cult or the love of chainsaws, and it causes this one to feel quite clumsy. Along with the rather cheap looking feel that runs throughout this one, these here are what hold it back. Rated Unrated/R: Full Nudity, Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Reviewed by jadavix 7 / 10 / 10

Olen Ray's best

To say that this is Fred Olen Ray's best film doesn't quite cover it. It's the only half-way decent movie he ever made. The movie has - gasp! - actual characters you can tell apart from a block of wood, and doesn't spend - gasp! - over an hour of screen time showing said characters running around doing nothing. Furthermore - gasp! - the script is cheesy and entertaining in the best way, filled with ridiculous one liners and double entendres in a spoof of film noir. The guy who plays the main character, "Jack Chandler", actually has a face and manner to suit the hard boiled detective, and the movie also benefits from the scream queen double bill of the beautiful Michelle Bauer and Linnea Quigley. Genre fans will appreciate Gunnar Hansen's appearance in another movie to do with chainsaws, though his "performance" makes you wish he'd stuck with the mask and apron. The plot is something to do with a chainsaw worshipping cult from ancient Egypt - no kidding - who cut people up to sacrifice them to their deity. Bauer has a great nude scene as one of the hardware worshiping minions, hacking a guy up and getting her beautiful naked body sprayed with fake blood. She is so sexy right from her first appearance in the movie, in which she happens to be clothed, that it makes you wish other starlets in b-flicks could study her performance and realise it's about more than just taking your top off. Linnea Quigley is also fantastic as the good girl gone bad, the role she was usually most comfortable in. If you're a fan of b-horror movies and haven't seen this one, it's well worth checking out. It's typically low key and low budget, but the starlets light up the screen, and it's entertaining throughout.

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