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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jesussaddle 8 / 10 / 10

Decent Animal House Style Flick With A Twist

Really enjoyed watching this little gem of a picture. It may not be understood by people who haven't encountered some of the behavior depicted here. However, if you live in Hollywood California, you have run into some of this for bad or good. (You may ask, "How can any of this behavior be good?" Well, some of you will not ask this, and you know who you are. The bad rating for this film is probably due to the lower budget, more campy attitude, more of a Scary Movie type of humor, without the parodying, on top of the totally jaded outlooks, offensive attitudes and lifestyles. Well directed, humorous story line and some better comedic bits than others, but good acting, Dominique Purdy is great, plus a good music track. But sorry, this is sure to be generally offensive, because, hey, it reflects some pretty gnarly, jaded concepts of what is moral behavior. It is particularly funny when the male character doing the teaching is criticizing his students for immoral ideas.

Reviewed by marineproductions1 1 / 10 / 10

Mindblowing Perspective!

Just saw this film. I have to say it's underrated! I gave it 7/10. The craft is refined. Performance good. Story good. Not just good, but brings some interesting mindblowing perspectives. Before this film I have no idea of the dating war, the girl's group in put in a modern day Hollywood setting. This film just pieces them together in a decently crafted way (in terms of cuts and timing of music) The camera are placed to the right places. The lighting about right. It works okay. The script the dialogue the performance is great. I would've given it an 8/10 but the ending kinda falls a bit hasty with the voice over explanation to the end and too fast to the credit. I guess if the ending can elaborate more and develop more on itself and the subject matter it'll be a better film. So overall 7/10

Reviewed by L. Lion ([email†protected]) 1 / 10 / 10


Want to see a movie that gets less sexy the more naked women it has in it? That becomes more turgid the more the characters try to crack lame jokes? Then this is the movie for you. Paul Sapiano apparently learned about filmmaking by watching nothing but pornos. The problem is that HSW isn't sexually appealing at all. Not only does it not contain any actual sex, but your average porno is a step up in terms of quality of writing, acting, and technical merit. The plot? The bimbos form a club to teach women that they should bilk as much money out of men as possible without giving them any actual sex. The studs form a club to learn how to scam as much sex out of the women without actually giving them any money. That's it. That is the plot. If it sounds amazingly inept, it is. If all the characters sound repellent, even the pretty naked girls, THEY ARE. This is one of the most incompetent movies I've ever seen. Avoid at all costs.

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