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Jessica Stroup as Elizabeth Mitchum
Matt Long as Mike Donaldson
Michael Landes as Billy Fletcher
Mischa Barton as JJ French
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by highpriestess32 4 / 10 / 10

A Poor Man's "Misery"

I had already noted a low rating for this movie on various sites but the subject matter appealed to me as a fan of Misery, Play Misty for Me, Misery et al so I gave it a go expecting nothing of any shock value and was not disappointed on that front. This film had elements of all three of the aforementioned films but had too few pearls stretched out on a decidedly threadbare string. Almost immediately the viewer becomes frustrated at the stupidity of Mike and his girlfriend Elizabeth as they take a trip back to his roots where his "intense" - as Mike describes her - ex-girlfriend, Shelby, runs a bowling alley. After meeting some of Mike's friends, Elizabeth decides she wants to follow them on with Mike to the Bowling alley in spite of being informed about the existence of Shelby. After Shelby plies Elizabeth with tequila whilst playing the amiable ex, Elizabeth, keen to make a good first impression on Mike's parents decides she is too drunk to meet with them that night so Mike's police officer brother drives Elizabeth to a remote hotel and Mike back to his folks. This is where the first major flaw of the plot is seen. Would you seriously drop your young girlfriend off in a hotel car park in a strange and remote area without seeing her safely inside and ensuring she has secured a room? Apparently not as she is left to wheel her case in and wave from the door as her chaperones speed off into the night before being told there are in fact no vacancies and the sign that says otherwise is broken. This leaves Elizabeth to walk four miles West in the dark to locate another hotel until she flags down a passing car which promptly knocks her into a ditch. When she awakens, Elizabeth finds herself in a strange bedroom attached to a drip and being "nursed" by Shelby who is intent on hiding the injured girlfriend away whilst she desperately tries to win back the affections of her ex, Mike. It quickly becomes evident that Shelby is a dangerous psychopath and one wonders why the smart Elizabeth didn't just play along with her games and manipulate Shelby by asserting that she wanted to break up with Mike. A girl of her calibre could have easily cooked up some fictitious and feasible story which would have placated Shelby and ensured Elizabeth's relative safety. This is a common flaw in movies of this ilk. The hostage making ill-planned escape attempts, showing the fear that only feeds the hostage-taker or to the contrary, antagonising their captors and sustaining more injuries for their efforts. The characters were hard to care about in any capacity which is so often the case where teenagers are involved. Predicable diatribe in my opinion, lacking every ounce of substance that Misery brought to the screen.

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10 / 10

Wait, Wait... You Say You've Seen This Before?

IMDb plot says: A jilted ex-girlfriend has a plan in store for her former beau, who is coming back to his small town with a new lover. Gavin says: This is true, if we say he's coming back for one weekend and that her plan is only developed on accident, not ahead of time. I had a difficult time with "Homecoming". The film is not anything particularly new. Many have compared it to "Misery", and you can see a connection in just about any kidnapping film. So, if you're looking for a whole new plot, you won't find it. You will probably just end up wondering why the kidnapper (Shelby) doesn't kill the girlfriend right away. I mean, if she wants to get back with her ex, it doesn't really help to have his current love tied up in the bedroom. But the difficult time for me wasn't because it was bad -- in fact, the suspense was so well crafted, I kept myself up well past a sensible bed time to catch the end. Mischa Barton does a fine job as Shelby. Her personal problems aside, Barton is a decent actress. Most people probably know her from "The OC", but since I never saw that show, I know her from a little film called "Walled In" (which, I suppose, was not as good as "Homecoming"). The other actors are also good, but I've already forgotten their names. Director Morgan J. Freeman (no relation) has an interesting vision. The film is bland in its cinematography, its angles, its use of music, its pace... there's really nothing exciting here. There's the suspense, as I said, and a little bit of gore. But the film doesn't shine as bright as Freeman's "American Psycho 2" (which I loved, I don't care what you say). For the first twenty or so minutes, I thought my boss had sent me a drama to review, and I was somewhat bitter about it. But yes, the film is decent, and better than many of the films you'll find on the video shelf. I think two other films I caught recently, "Nature's Grave" and "Sick Girl", would be better choices for the horror fans, but if you want a light thriller, this might meet your needs. By no means will it go down as a classic or even all that memorable, but it's worth a view.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10 / 10

Fatal Attraction with Misery

The successful football player Michael "Mike" Kelvin Donaldson (Matt Long) and his girlfriend Elizabeth Mitchum (Jessica Stroup) leave college to travel to his hometown Mt. Bliss, Pennsylvania, to a ceremony of retirement his high-school jersey and to introduce Elizabeth to his conservative family. They meet Mike's former girlfriend Shelby Mercer (Mischa Barton), who still has a crush on him, in her bowl Alley and her first reaction is to treat Mike as if he were her boyfriend. When she understands the situation, she surprisingly offers a drink to Elizabeth and has a long chat with her. Elizabeth feels wasted and asks Mike and his cousin Billy Fletcher (Michael Landes) to leave her in the Fort Pitt Motel to spend the night and meet his parents sober to give a good impression in their first encounter. However, there is no vacancy in the place and she decides to walk four miles on the road to a Holyday Inn. Meanwhile Shelby is driving on the same road completely disturbed and accidentally hits Elizabeth; however, instead of taking her to the hospital, she abducts Elizabeth and brings her home. The deranged Shelby plots a scheme simulating that Elizabeth left town to be close to Mike and seduce him again. "Homecoming" is one of those films that is a collection of clichés, with unreasonable and predictable attitudes, and uses the idea of other movies in the story. Actually it is a combination of "Fatal Attraction", with a woman obsessed for a man that loves another woman, and "Misery", with a woman rescuing an injured person and taking her to her remote house. The plot is not totally bad, with the exception of the deceptive conclusion, with the insane Shelby killing Billy but keeping her rival Elizabeth alive. Further, Mischa Barton and Jessica Stroup are talented and extremely gorgeous actresses; therefore it is very pleasant to see them on the screen. This DVD has been recently released by Paris Filmes Distributor in Brazil. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): "Mente Obsessiva" ("Obsessive Mind")

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