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Antonio Sabato Jr. as Martin Haas
Brooke Nevin as Amber Williams
Megyn Price as Rhonda
Mercy Malick as Officer Adrien
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10 / 10


This story starts out with two slightly overused plot devices to set up the premise. Save the clinic meets Up for partner. Up for partner has a slight twist as Kelsey gets threatened basically that she take the dog if she wants to become partner. I never really understood why Mrs. Ballentine needed someone to take the dog and why did it have to be one of the attorneys? In fact, I was slightly insulted that the good ol' boys of the firm selected the female attorney to do the dog work (pun intended). After the set up, things proceed about like you'd expect when Kelsey meets the handsome (?) vet and the rest is (predictable) history. I wasn't impressed with Jake Sandvig. It was hard to tell how much the actor contributed since his role was a relatively typical withdrawn personality with trouble expressing his feelings. Either way, I really didn't feel any chemistry between he and Nevin. Otherwise Nevin plays a fairly smooth role as the attorney stuck with the dog. I'm not a fan of attorneys so I thought perhaps she was even a little more likeable and generous than one would expect from that part. Kelsey was almost always agreeable to everyone and accepted pretty much what was asked of her, even if it was a little unreasonable. True, given her menial position she didn't have much choice at least with the firm, but her cheerfulness belied any animosity over the demands. Kelsey had a sweet relationship with her mom, which was nice to see. Antonio Sabato Jr. was supposed to be a mean boss, but while he was certainly very inconsiderate and demanding, I thought he was more lame. I thought it was inconsistent that Harrison made it a point that his clients weren't wealthy enough to help support the clinic, but that's the first place Kelsey turned. Likewise she completely ignored the obvious choice and as soon as you saw the video starring Daisy, the clues are overwhelming as to what is about to happen on two fronts. Did I mention predictable? The dog was cute, but didn't save the movie. I say "save" even though I found it right on the bubble as to needing to be saved versus just meh. I found Brooke Nevin to be the biggest reason for what enjoyment I got from the movie.

Reviewed by mamachikn 5 / 10 / 10

Just ok

Not an unpleasant film, but nothing interesting about it either. Agree with others that there's definitely no chemistry whatsoever between the 2 leads and the "love" between them at the end came out of nowhere. Jake also has a slight speech impediment, where his upper lip sticks out as he speaks and the words sound almost like a lisp. Distracting at first. Very funny at the end with a newspaper article with an HD photo in place of what should have been a newspaper photo. Looked ridiculous. I guess there was no money to print the newspaper. The dog Daisy was definitely the best part. I liked the mother also. The secondary plot was okay. There are always several character stories in Larry Levinson films. This was not one of his best.

Reviewed by kathytexan-12585 5 / 10 / 10

Hoped it would get better...

...but it didn't. The story was a disjointed mess. For example, when the vet professed his love for Kelsey, it was like the character dropped in from another movie. There was no development of their relationship. Plus the actor was as stiff as a board...no expression or energy for a man in love. Meghan Price, who played the mom, was engaging, but her story seemed to drop off when there was nothing left for her to do. Brooke Nevin did her best with a bad script. Daisy, the dog, was terrific - I'd love one just like her. However, Daisy was so adorable and well-behaved, the owner GAVE HER AWAY at the end. Who wrote this drivel? In addition to the bad script, was a terrible music score. It didn't match the storyline and played so loudly over the dialogue, I was struggling to hear what the characters were saying. I can't believe this was a Hallmark production.

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