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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by semichan-kokonut 2 / 10 / 10

A wannabe critique of Cyberbullying

(Spoilers ahead!) Six preadolescent girls throw a "party" in an insanely huge glass house full of post-modern art pieces while playing a poorly designed game which is a cross between candy crush and Instagram. They're left completely alone and as twelve year old girls do, they're going to kill each other (and their parents). There, saved you some time. (+) At first, it looks like a vaguely interesting, visually appealing film (That is, if you forget the smartphone app part). (-) Doesn't live up to its own expectations. An overall design and visuals that could have been good if they were actually attached to a plot and were coherent.We're never really quite sure what is happening in there.The constant loud, strident noises and flashing images (also the msn emojis design) that come with the app that the girls are using are horrendous. It gets annoying right after the opening credits.Clichés land : The famous girl is blonde, has rich parents, is a c*nt. The fat girl is a fat girl, nothing else defines her because, you know, she's fat. Random average girls who suck up to the famous one. Who is that weird new girl ? Why did she even get invited ? Ugh ! #Horror is a critique of our modern, social-network obsessed society. I get it. The thing is, it's hardly believable at any given moment, mostly due to the over-exaggerated acting and the characters themselves, who, strictly, are all clichés. This society hasn't messed up 12 year olds more than any of their predecessors did, unlike this movie suggests. If internet & smartphones certainly have given a tribune to ruthless behaviors and might have generalized them to some extent, teenagers have always been complex and harsh towards each other. Yes, twelve year olds can be depressed. Twelve year olds can be sociopaths. The edge that #Horror is trying to have has too little taste, in spite of a fantastic set and some spark of good ideas. So much could have been done, if only the synopsis was good. 2/10.

Reviewed by fiskornefireback 2 / 10 / 10

Worth its weight in throbbing egg

A misguided, poorly directed film. The main message fails horribly, as it ignores obvious mental illness and bullying in a failed, shoehorned attempt to jab at social media and technology. The only redeeming features of this film are Timothy Hutton's forced overacting, and the unsettling amount of throbbing egg shots. All hail the egg.

Reviewed by RockoDaFoxxo 2 / 10 / 10

Ridiculously stupid.

I came across this disaster on Netflix and watched it because 1. I've been hearing many, many er... "things" people say about this movie and 2. Because ralphthemoviemaker (a great YouTube movie critic) talked about it in his most recent video. I've recently become fascinated with terrible movies and why they're so broken (Catwoman, North, Foodfight, Battlefield Earth, Master of Disguise), so my daft curiosities hasn't stopped me from watching #Horror, aka one of the dumbest titles in cinema history. But what makes #Horror so bad? It's not bad because of its intentions in calling out cyber-bullying (a still serious issue), but from how amateurish the filmmaking was. Outside of some decent cinematography and 1 or 2 moments that were mildly effective, #Horror fails in terms of acting, writing, directing, editing, effects, and storytelling. The worst category to me has to be the editing. In almost every scene (including the opening credits) there are transitions of # symbols that look like sped-up versions of Suicide Squad, Enter The Void and bowling animations on acid. It's that bad. The last 30 minutes had quick cuts that were used to signify tension -- but they accidentally come across as uneven and clumsy. The acting is a jarring mix of stiff and laughably over-the-top from both minor and big-name actors. Not one performance felt authentic or professional. The directing has no punch and very little style, and it especially shows in the "scary" parts. On a technical scale, #Horror is a misguided mess... but that would've been somewhat forgivable if the script was smart, well- crafted and has lots to say. But it sadly does not. The main characters are nothing but shallow, b**chy stereotypes that do nothing but shame on each other. You could say that's part of the satires' point, but you need some form of sympathy if you're going to make a movie about bullying. Instead, the attempts at character development here feels forced and laughable instead of genuine. The story isn't much better. It takes about 1 hour in order for the plot to move forward ('cause showing slumber parties is very important), and by then the narrative jumps around for no discernible reason. It gets more confusing as it goes on. The dialogue tries to appeal to the younger demographic without actually knowing how most teens talk like, so it all sounds ridiculous ("If he's so rich, why does he dress like that? He looks like Hitler."). The message is admirable, but not anything new or provoking. It's not even well-executed. In conclusion, #Horror is #Horrible. Very little makes any sense, the editing is wacky, the story and script is incoherent and unintentionally funny, the "hip" characters are obnoxious, the acting is atrocious, the production values are weak, and its attempts at social- commentary are blatant and unoriginal. As I've said before, there are some decent shots and kernels of a good idea, but they're all buried down by heaps of incompetence. Awful. Don't watch. 2/10.

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