Horror on Snape Island


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Anthony Valentine as Man at Party
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maarck6 9 / 10 / 10

Tower Of Evil

Classic British exploitation with overblown melodrama, sex, nudity, violence, amputation, blood, an explosive climax, dynamite, mystery, thrills, chills, and lots of pretty British babes. Well and competently acted, this is clearly a groundbreaking slasher, as only The Bay Of Blood (1971) came first, while other more well known movies , Black Christmas (1974), The Hills Have Eyes (1977), and Friday The 13th (1980) all came later. This also one of the few over-the-top exploitation movies to feature inbreed nutjobs, at least in British cinema. I saw this movie at a drive-in years after its initial release and loved the gothic atmosphere of it. It's not great cinema, but it IS great fun. Well worth seeing for fans of the genre. I'm giving it nine stars because I have a soft spot for this flick, results for others may vary. Would not have been out of place in the old American pulps of the thirties and early forties. Get a couple of cold ones and just sit back and enjoy the mayhem.

Reviewed by qmtv 8 / 10 / 10

Missed opportunity. Story/Dialogue sucks. Acting is mediocre. Sets are nice but, not great. Lots of nudity.

It looks like the film makers tried. But no points for trying. They had a budget, and they blew it. The sets are nice, but not great, too many things look cheap and fake. Most of the film looks like it's being shot and is shot in a studio/stage. Decent cinematography and lighting. The main problem here is the store, it's boring and the dialogue does not help. We get this stupid soap opera between a husband and wife, wife going after the young boatboy, and some other drama nonsense. The part of the mad husband and the supposed mutated child, and the old legend was not expanded upon. Then we get the boat explosion, and the radio is destroyed. Who did that? Finally, the lighthouse goes up in flames and explodes. Super fake looking. I'd rather see cgi, or cartoon, or just read about the explosion. The mystery about the private eye is also very shoddy. Too many loose ends here. Best part is the beginning. We get the credits over a fake lighthouse, with tons of fog. Even though it's fake it looks cool. Then we get the father and son fishermen going to the island and finding the dead and naked teenagers and one of them kills the old man. This is all good stuff. Even the scene in the doctor's office with the surviving teenager and the lights and flashbacks were pretty cool. Once we reach the archaeology meeting and then head to the island, it's all cheap props, nonsense dialogue, crap acting, more crap props, soap opera, cheap stage/studio looking nonsense, crap caves and cult evil setup, mad husband and his mutated son, then the fire/explosion. All of this could have worked. Even the crappy story could have worked. Even the crappy dialogue. But once you add in the crappy acting, we get a pile that adds up to crap. Or maybe I should blame the director for NOT directing the actors to capture better performances. Maybe it's the English/British dialogue or acting. No humor, no wit, very square. Killing were OK, not great. Also, who the hell thought that naming the island Snape was a good idea. Snape?! The lighting, cinematography, editing, music and sound effects were all professional. This helps making it watchable. I enjoyed parts of this. But they really screwed it up. Rating is a C-/D, or 4/3 stars. Let's go with 4 stars. Watchable.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 8 / 10 / 10

Sexy, gory and trashy (in a good way).

An old sailor and his son Hamp (Jack Watson) travel to fog-bound Snape Island where they discover the mutilated bodies of three young Americans, before encountering a deranged naked girl who attacks and kills the father with a dagger. Knocked unconscious by Hamp, the girl, Penny (Candace Glendenning), is taken to a secure hospital in a catatonic state where a doctor uses a large set of disco lights to try and unlock the secrets of her mind. Meanwhile, a team of archaeologists with complicated love lives pay a visit to the island to try and locate the rumoured 3000 year old burial chamber of a Phoenician captain; they are joined by private investigator Brent (Bryant Halliday), who has been hired by Penny's parents to prove their daughter's innocence, and Hamp, who brings along his randy nephew Brom (Gary Hamilton). Once on the island, the group find themselves in mortal danger, hunted by a cackling unseen madman. What Tower of Evil lacks in logic and finesse, it sure makes up for with gore, gratuitous nudity and atmosphere. No more than a few minutes have passed before we are treated to the sight of two naked corpses, one missing a hand and one of which has been decapitated, the severed head rolling down a flight of stone steps. A third body (Robin Askwith of Confessions fame) is pinned to a wall with a golden spear. Penny's flashbacks offer up further nudity, as she remembers frolicking outside in the raw with her boyfriend (despite the clearly inclement weather) while Askwith takes yet another opportunity to show us his bare ass. With a really eerie location at his disposal, director Jim O'Connolly (The Valley of Gwangi) achieves some genuinely suspenseful moments, wisely keeping his killer heard but not seen, and maintains a decent pace throughout, even when the action is limited to characters wandering aimlessly around the rocky island and its network of caves. 7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for the delectable Anna Palk as Nora, who has a gratuitous sex scene with Brom, and for the wonderfully icky putrefying corpse of Hamp's dead brother's wife Martha.

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