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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The-Sarkologist 9 / 10 / 10

Life in the Mining Community

This is one of those films that I was interested in seeing after hearing about it, and seeing it advertised. Basically, it is about the story of two female backpackers who take a job as bartenders in an outback town and the subsequent horrors that they experienced out there. In a way there was a suggestion that this film was in part a thriller, but also a documentary, as the film makers basically follow the girls around on the month that they spend out there, and capture the sexual harassment that the experience on an almost daily basis. Yet, despite all of the shock and horror that is recorded about this film, and while I don't condone the behaviour of the patrons, and the boss, the truth is that first of all this was not surprising, and secondly, while they weren't necessarily able to handle it, there were others that could. Honestly, from my experiences in a toxic workplace, I don't necessarily what to suggest that what they experienced wasn't bad, it was, but was I shocked, not really. Was I uncomfortable? Yes, in parts, most definitely. The thing is that this movie is being used to condemn the macho culture of the mining community, but I'm actually not all that surprised that this is what the culture is like. This isn't something that is restricted to a small town five hundred kilometres east of Perth, this is something that exists pretty much wherever you encounter a harsh environment where there happens to be a huge gender imbalance. In fact the environment doesn't even need to be harsh because you could easily find this type of behaviour in the heart of Silicon Valley. The problem is that this isn't going to change. I should actually point out that the film makers didn't quite guild the lilly here, because I also noticed that they weren't the only girls out here, there were the two girls they were replacing, who seemed to have absolutely no problems with the behaviour of the locals. Then there were the two middle aged ladies that turned up as well, that didn't seem to have a problem either. Another thing that I should point out is that the two Finnish girls certainly did seem to have a problem with the two English girls, and where making comments about wishing that they would leave. Yet I can't help but appreciate the enormous pressure that they were under, particularly since you would have guys that would basically invite themselves over, and refuse to leave when asked to. Not only that, but they were regularly attempting to get them drunk, so as to have their way with them. Also, going upstairs when you are ill only to discover some brute upstairs asleep on your couch can be quite disturbing. The interesting thing is that the owner of the pub didn't seem to be too concerned about the behaviour of the locals. It isn't as if there were any other pubs out there, and he seems to have no problem encouraging his staff being exploited as such. Like, he complains about how useless they are, yet makes the comment at the beginning that he doesn't care whether they are experienced, as long as they are good looking, and further describes them as fresh meat. Yeah, honestly, you really can't have it both ways. The thing that I have with this movie though is that these girls aren't the only people who find themselves trapped in a toxic workplace. Further, this isn't just about what life is like for two young women out in the mining communities. Rather, it is about what it is like being in toxic workplace where you simply cannot escape, and have to deal with unruly customers, and an arrongant and uncaring bosses. The other thing is that it is clear that he is exploiting them, despite the fact that it does seem that these girls were actually being paid really, really well. However, this still is quite an interesting film, even though I wouldn't necessarily consider it shocking, or surprising in the least.

Reviewed by eddie_baggins 9 / 10 / 10

A raw and uncompromising look at the real Australia

It's safe to say that Hotel Coolgardie won't be being used by Tourism Australian anytime soon to help drive backpackers and tourists to our undeniable beautiful, yet sometimes harsh and almost medieval like landscape filled with both the very best and some of the very poorest of human behaviours. Like an updated real-life version of Ted Kotcheff's 1971 Australian based cult-classic Wake in Fright, Pete Gleeson's documentary, that follows a few months in the lives of Finnish backpackers Lina and Stephie as they try to earn money and experience Australia as barmaids in the small Western Australian mining centric town of Coolgardie is a raw, insightful and painstakingly honest portrayal of the oft-unspoken drinking culture at the heart of many Australian communities and the casual sexism, racism and arrogance that comes along with it. For those that view the Australian culture through rose-tinted glasses, Hotel Coolgardie will be a real shock to the system. Gleeson's camera never flinches as Lina and Stephie experience a range of confronting and often hard to watch scenes. From drunk patrons talking to them about deeply personal and utterly wrong ruminations of why they can't find the right woman, through to abusive and highly offensive comments made to them by their employer, Hotel Coolgardie shows things how it is making it an effective and in many ways important showcase for the underbelly of our great yet sometimes sadly disappointing country and those that call themselves true Australians. It's not all doom and gloom here however as Gleeson's documentary still shines a light on much of the good that makes Australia such a desired destination. From the friendly patron of the girls pub known as the Canman though to Stephie friendship with a kind-hearted yet troubled local, Hotel Coolgardie reminds us all that underneath some of the rough and tough exterior lies some genuine care, affection and spirit that is sometimes sadly squashed by a harsh exterior, built up over time to combat the very nature of a town and its citizens of a community such as Coolgardie. Final Say - While the film would've benefited greatly from Lina and Stephie being more purely likeable central figures and for us to know more about their situations and road to this point in their lives, Hotel Coolgardie is an often fascinating look into a taboo subject matter and an under-examined aspect of core Australian traditions and lifestyle. 3 ½ camping trips out of 5

Reviewed by maccas-56367 9 / 10 / 10

Australia's rampant culture of alcoholism

The most accurate portrayal of Australian culture on film and everything that's wrong with it. One of the most harrowing pieces of film-making I have ever seen. This gave me anxiety. It felt like I had been dunked underwater and couldn't come up for breath. You can't look away. From the moment the film started, it's engrossing and eye-opening. I wish the likes of "Pikey" were fictional characters. But they're not. He and many others (women included) are throughout Australian towns and cities causing havoc, committing assault and other assorted crimes. I have been on both sides of the bar, and experienced a lot of what was depicted in this documentary. Australia's rampant culture of alcoholism is well on display here and captured so accurately by the filmmakers. The fly-on-the-wall style suits it perfectly. It's embarrassing viewing as an Australian, but essential viewing at the same time. The postscript was as jaw-dropping as the rest of the film, and equal parts heartbreaking. Hotel Coolgardie is a film I will never forget. RIP Canman.

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