Hounds of Love


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Ashleigh Cummings as Dorothy 'Dot' Collins
Emma Booth as Claire Phee
Susie Porter as Sara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by js-66130 8 / 10 / 10

Couple of monsters.

Great movie about horrific stuff. There ya go. Evelyn and John cruise Perth school yards, fishing for teenage girls with friendly Aussie banter and car ride offers. The pleasantries end right there. As the secret predator couple in the neighbourhood, Emma Booth and Stephen Curry are spectacular in their complicated performances. Charming and congenial, slick and methodical, brutal and sadistic, vulnerable and suspicious; all bases are covered. "Hounds of Love" is about serial sexual homicide, and it is as brutal as that sounds. Not in an exploitative manner (most of the cruelty is off screen), but in its believable depiction of perversion, and the matter of fact execution by the monsters. Sporting a cheesy mustache, Curry presents a tiny, unassuming wimp - he is humiliated and berated about money owing. Yet deep inside he is a tight wound ball of explosion, and the creepy manipulator of all crimes. Evelyn is a more than wiling accomplice, but she has a wounded past, shows some semblance of sympathy, and is thus the weak link in the monster couple. How all this plays out in the most recent triangle is expertly framed by newbie filmmaker Ben Young. "Hounds of Love" is a difficult watch, but it's also difficult to ignore.

Reviewed by autisticreviewers 9 / 10 / 10

Autistic reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.

"Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple. As she observes the dynamic between her captors she quickly realizes she must drive a wedge between them if she is to survive." Let us start off by saying that the second this movie starts (slow motion effects) it immediately lets you know you are in for a very unsettling, uncomfortable and disturbing movie. The movie slowly introduces us to each character bit by bit. The main focus is Vicki and her horrible relationship with her Mother. But within the first 20 mins the story wastes no time in getting really tense. The acting was absolutely brilliantly played by everyone involved. This would not have been an easy role for Ashley Cummings to play Vicki, the girl who went through and goes through hell. Stephen Curry does a great job at playing the childish, yet ringleader of as John White. While he may be skinny and not looking so tough...trust us...actions speak louder than words. And while he maybe childish he is a leader and one not to be messed with, especially if he loses his temper. Last but not least...Emma Booth. She seriously gives an Oscar Worthy Performance here. Her role is so powerful, and yet so terrifying and horrible and disturbed that she is twice as bad as John (Stephen Curry). At times you feel sorry for her then she does the unthinkable! I doubt it will happen but Emma Booth truly deserved an Oscar for this role if the movie gets more recognition, because it's her best role yet. A truly terrifying villain. Newcomer Ben Young does excellent as this is his first feature Film, and he is off to a magnificent start. While people may complain that this is a student film and it's incredibly low budget...try to look beyond that and see just how disturbing and terrifying and uncomfortable this film will make you feel. Me and Nick (The Autistic Reviewers) wouldn't recommend it to the faint of heart, because so many people would be offended over a film like this. It's a great movie, but only see it if you have a high pain tolerance. 5/5 stars.

Reviewed by flicklover 9 / 10 / 10

Strong, disturbing Aussie thriller.

I have been seeking out Australian films especially thrillers since I saw THE LOVED ONES. That film blew me away with its performances and suspense. HOUNDS OF LOVE is every bit as good as that film. In fact, it is in many ways more disturbing because there is more character development. The film is about a deranged couple named John and Evelyn that kidnaps young girls and takes them home to eventually kill them. One night they see a girl named Vicki that snuck out of her home to go to a party walking on the street and stop to offer her a ride. At first, Vicki refuses, but they convince her to come to their home for some drugs. They go to the house and have a drink Vicki starts feeling woozy. She tries to leave but is forcibly prevented to leave. The couple takes her into a room and chain her on a bed and gag her. The film at this point becomes a disturbing but riveting character study. The couple mentally and physically torture Vicki. But what is shown is that Evelyn is a very unstable woman that is totally controlled by John. Vicki begins to try to drive a wedge between the couple, telling Evelyn that John doesn't love her. Evelyn begins to have doubts. But eventually she becomes more willing to see Vicki die. Vicki's mother is desperately looking for her daughter. The tension is built up very well to a somewhat predictable conclusion. But the film is so well acted that you become invested in what's going on. Really good film.

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