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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews 3 / 10 / 10

Well... at least the music is OK

I've watched and enjoyed two other 'black' comedies(not to be confused with "black comedies"), The Wash and Booty Call. However, in the very first scene of this film, I found myself having a bad feeling about it(yes, that was a Star Wars reference)... I started to think this was going to be a dreadfully bad film. Sadly, my instinct turned out to be right. The plot is fair, but it's not very well-developed. The situations are instantly forgettable. The credits have just barely finished as I'm typing this, and I'm straining to remember any of it. The acting is not terribly short of perfectly atrocious. The characters are pretty thin, very nearly stereotypes(I know I say that a lot, but believe me, this time, I *really* mean that). The only way you can really distinguish between them(a task I found nearly impossible to accomplish throughout watching) is to note their extreme personas(which seem to be about all of them) and attach said attributes to their respective character names. Sorry, that was somewhat confusing, wasn't it? Not quite as confusing as trying to tell these caricatures, pardon, characters apart(rather alarming, really, considering how few there are). The film has a moral, or at least thinks it does. I did find some poetic justice in the film, but the majority of it just seemed forced, underdeveloped. Now, the main reason I borrowed this from a friend was that I read the plot... and personally, I cannot stand the thought of 'players' or 'playing'. I can think of few things that bother me more than disrespecting women. The idea of seeing such a 'player' be put in a situation where his 'game' stands to be exposed, in front of the poor girls that have fallen victim to him, no less... why, I found that to be potentially every bit as entertaining as watching Charlie Sheen(or his character on the show, it's quite difficult to tell them apart) get a taste of his own medicine in *that* episode of Two and a Half Men. Yes, schadenfreude. It's not nice, but neither is 'playing'. Whether or not the film contained just that, I shan't say. I wouldn't want to ruin whatever there is left of it for anyone who has yet to see it(and still intends to). Why is it, by the way, that a man being promiscuous is 'playing', whilst a woman doing the same is a slut? Personally, I find that to be a double-standard. Yes, women make an emotional connection to whomever they sleep with... but men have emotions too, despite many of us attempting to deny that fact. A few final thoughts... I very much enjoyed and appreciated the fate of one particular character, whom I found myself feeling sorry for throughout most of the film. Why *did* Bernie Mac attach his fairly big(star-status-wise, not 'number of letters'-wise) name to this film? And finally, the music in this was better than the film. I recommend this to fans of 'black' comedy, and it helps if you're big on gratuitous nudity and stereotypes(and for anyone wondering; yours truly is most definitely not. I belong solely in the first-mentioned category of that sentence). Could have been worse, but there's far most definitely room for improvement. 3/10

Reviewed by afrokarate1978 3 / 10 / 10

Okay! Who's bright idea was this?

You know, there seems to be a problem with movies like this, and that problem is that they exist. A friend of mine gave me this movie (bootlegged of course) right when it came out some eight years ago. When I first pressed play, I laughed, but for all the wrong reasons. I laughed because this movie sucked! Point blank. I also came to the conclusion that movies at the theater are not worth my money. I would not have paid to see this "movie". I've heard the statement "they don't like this because it's black actors trying to do something". Well I'm black and I don't like it. The whole "playa" cliché' overstayed it's welcome and this movie emphasizes that logic. Bad idea. A failure to communicate resulted in this debacle.

Reviewed by pwmoses 3 / 10 / 10

Major setback for African-American cinema, with one exception

This film was a travesty for African-American films, it probably killed several deals for quality African-American films to get made. The only thing I can find good in it, was the beautiful actress Mari Morrow, who had nothing good to work with in the material. She is reduced to just a lovely piece of eye candy amongst the madness.

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