How to Train Your Husband or

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Jonathan Chase as Justin James
Julie Gonzalo as Blair Krank
Karla Mosley as Nicole
Peri Gilpin as Erin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by saraivasgustavo 2 / 10 / 10

One of the most disappointing movies i watched

The movie is slow, they wasted over 50 minutes in the introduction of the plot and than had 20 minutes to show everything else. The result is a movie that drags on for an hour and have a rushed ending with no twist or anything that would get me interested. Very poor plot and production. 2 parts annoyed the f out of me: First she say she wants a kid and will try to get pregnant again. 5 years later we dont see a kid with them and absolutely nothing is explained. What happened? And the second and worst thing of all movie: WTF WAS THAT GREEN SCREEN? The guy travels to PARIS and the only scene we have from him there is a scene where he stands with a clearly fake view of some random mountains behind him and no people, nothing reminding of France, zero noise... what the hell where they thinking? Give me a green screen and i will do exactly the same thing in less than 2 minutes. Such a bad, poor, boring movie.

Reviewed by jk-692-236394 1 / 10 / 10

Odd plotline. Actors are good, but plot fails the movie

I actually liked all the actors. The plot is not good. It just does not work. Their best friend couple are pretty adorable and charismatic, and the dog is a cutie. It is watchable, but oddly slow and strange in spots, and I cannot quite put my finger on it, but I think the bad script is where the whole thing fails. I did watch the entire thing, because I liked the actors. As a story however it is not satisfying.

Reviewed by mcarneil-09882 1 / 10 / 10

Unlikeable Female Lead and Distracting and blinding stark white sets made this unwatchable

I've always enjoyed the films Julie Gonzalo has done for Hallmark except for this one but then I realized this originally was not on Hallmark and it goes back to 2017-2018 and was made for another channel. Hallmark only purchased the rights to air it and they were were hoping the name recognition would get people to watch it. Well they were right. I did watch it. And I thoroughly disliked it. The Jillian James character came off as elitist and arrogant. There was little chemistry between the leads. The other characters were flat. The minimalist all white sets were extremely distracting. When I first saw the commercial for this I thought ot was great that Hallmark was doing something different but buying bad films is not going to impress the majority of the audience. Hopefully this will be one of the films that will not be rerun much because I will be changing the channel whenever it comes again.

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