I Love You, Beth Cooper

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Hayden Panettiere as Melanie Lewis
Jared Keeso as Adrian
Lauren Storm as Waitress Pamela
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zkonedog 1 / 10 / 10

The Bottom Of The Barrel

I have written over 750 Amazon reviews and pride myself on my ability to dissect a film after viewing and give a concise description of why it was good/bad. In the case of "I Love You, Beth Cooper", however, I have to break from my normal pattern to get this point across: this is one of the worst movies ever made. The ONLY (and I mean absolutely ONLY) reason to watch this movie is for the beauty of Hayden Panettiere (and a PG-13 Hayden at that). I'm completely and utterly serious...that is it. The rest of this "film" is absolute garbage. It is not funny, it is not heart-warming, it is not cute. It...is...horrible. Not too long ago, I watched the movie "Take Me Home Tonight" (starring Topher Grace). It was terrible (1-star). That effort, however, looks like Shakespeare compared to this sorry excuse for cinema. I'm not usually a fan of this genre, but every once in awhile am up for a little "teenage antics" flick. I'm telling you, however, to not make the same mistake that I did in devoting 100 minutes to this "thing". There's got to be something else...anything...more worth your time. And for those looking for your "Hayden fix", go watch that "Bring It On" movie or heroes or something. This isn't worth it.

Reviewed by JÄnis Locis 9 / 10 / 10

Not original, very cliché

Just a normal teen comedy, nothing special. Feels like it just recycles and repeats all the teen comedy clichés out there, putting the film in a rather bad light. Can watch as something in the background, this will certainly not be one of the movies you would remember for years, you will forget it rather quickly. Had a couple of moments worth a slight grin, that is all. Not a lot of character build up as it just jumps into action without backstories, which is, in my opinion, almost always a setup for failure if we talk about movies of this kind. This film seems to have weird pacing, that kind of does not make you feel interested after a while. Overall nothing special, just mediocre, if you want to see something special and original, watch something else.

Reviewed by Mia 9 / 10 / 10

Watch It With An Open Sense of Humour

This movie is a no-brainer and gives hope to bighearted dorks around the globe. To get the girls (oh yes, girls) and coming out a winner while tackling a subject such as sexuality in an untroubled and fun way while simultaneously getting a happy ending? Great! Easy and fun, albeit, unbelievable but still a great ride. Literally. I had a few good laughs in there and I'm pretty sure you'll appreciate the lightheartedness of it too. If it was meant to be a flop when it first came out and doesn't seem like it has cult following potential, I now highly believe the opposite. I think this movie has the makings of a "classic adolescent movie". Give it 10 more years and the teens of the coming age will give I Love You, Beth Cooper a chance as my peers have given The Breakfast Club and Empire Records a chance. And you know what? Everybody loved those movies. So, I won't be surprised either if people will end up loving this as well.

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