I, Madman


Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

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Jenny Wright as Virginia
Mary Pat Gleason as Mary Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cpu-4 2 / 10 / 10

Twilight for housewives?

The trailer made this flick look like fun - it seemed like I had stumbled on some forgotten 80s horror gem - but what a piece of crap it turned out to be! It sucks on so many levels, that while watching the movie, I was already looking forward to reading a couple of funny reviews on IMDb completely trashing it. However, even this turned out to be too much to ask. Who was the intended audience? The arty farty crowd will probably find it too stupid, while the average horror fans will be bored out of their minds by the pretentious arty crap and the complete lack of nudity and real gore. Perhaps it was for lonely women, who may identify with the annoying bookworm girl? Twilight for housewives? The script is very, very dumb, yet it seems to takes itself quite seriously... infuriating! This was made in 1989, before the advent of hipsters, but it pisses me off in a way that only hipsters tend to. Perhaps they will like this flick then. It has this kind of "ironic" half arsed pussy vibe over it, and for sure they will love the stop motion clay crap that shows up in the final scene to magically save the helpless bookworm girl and her pussy ass boyfriend. That's right, the flick ends with a shot of the stupid girl staring satisfied and romantically out of the window that the villain and the clay stop motion crap just crashed out of minutes before she was about to be killed.

Reviewed by lathe-of-heaven 6 / 10 / 10

Great, creepy throwback with a nice Retro style. Atmospheric, old-fashioned, and entertaining... Rewatchability: High Blu-ray: Quite Good A:9 V:9

I fully agree with my pal WoodyAnders' review above. This is a nice, old-fashioned Retro style Horror Thriller with great creepy atmosphere and mood. The film uses an effective style with old-fashioned makeup and effects. YES, the stop-motion is a little rough, but if you are into films like this, you won't mind :) You DO need a good imagination and ability to suspend disbelief to enjoy this film, since this has an almost Dark Fairy Tale type feel to it at times. I frigg'n LOVE how she comments that the book she is reading makes Stephen King look like Girl Scout stories (or something like that...) The entire film has a real Retro feel to it and the story is DEFINITELY created along the lines of old-fashioned Horror films. So, if you DO like that type of movie, then you will likely enjoy this one. BUT... If you like your Horror more like the modern films, full of Brutal 'Realism' and sadistic gore, you probably will find this one pretty boring. But, if you DO really like your Horror a bit more old-fashioned, then you might really enjoy this movie...

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10 / 10

A Different Kind of Slasher

Virginia (Jenny Wright) works at a used book store and is into horror novels when she discovers an engrossing book from an estate sale. It is called "I, Madman" and it is about an insane doctor (Randy Cook) who cuts off people's noses, ears, and hair and puts them on his face to please a girl he likes. This film never achieved a wide audience in its day, which is unfortunate, and is not as well remembered as the other film featuring the collaboration of Randy Cook and Tibor Takacs, "The Gate". Heck, writer David Chaskin had previously done "A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge" and "The Curse" (with Wil Wheaton), so he has a good pedigree, as well. Maybe with the new Scream Factory release, this will change. The movie is a lot of fun, with all the slasher touchstones, plus some excellent cinematography that brings out a variety of lights, darks and vibrant colors (particularly in a flashback scene). Even early on, we have some visual cues to "Nosferatu" which were clearly intended: the mad doctor who looks like Max Schreck, and the hotel employee going up the stairs following his own shadow... not to mention Cook "ripping off Lon Chaney" (his words) in the creation of a villain. The special features on the Scream disc really show how much work and love went into this. A short (roughly ten minute) behind-the-scenes feature has Randy Cook explaining how he had to act, apply his own makeup, and also be responsible for the animation. So after hours on set, he would still be up until two in the morning working on making the creatures fit the scene just right. It is impressive, especially the Jackal Boy, and shows a real dedication (no wonder the man has three Oscars). If that alone was not good enough, there is also a full commentary track with Cook and interviews with various people involved with the picture. Scream has taken a better than average slasher film and made it one of the must-own Blu-rays of 2015: any horror fan will delight in seeing (and hearing) how films such as this are made.

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