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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10 / 10

Doesn't quite measure up

There was no way Henry Fonda was going to get top billing in I Met My Love Again, not playing opposite the boss's wife. Fonda was just getting his film career into high gear when he appeared with Joan Bennett who would soon marry producer Walter Wanger. And quite frankly this is what was euphemistically called back in the day, a woman's picture. Truth be told I can see why Joan gave into temptation and ran off with charming, but dissipated writer Alan Marshal. Fonda quite frankly is something of a dolt back in their college days in courting Bennett. But after ten years when Marshal gets rather stupidly killed in an accident at a party, Bennett packs up their 10 year old daughter Genee Hall and heads back to Vermont to hook up with her old friend who is now a cynical and unhappy biology professor at their old alma mater. In staid old Vermont Bennett's running off with Marshal was a town scandal and a lot of forces seem to be against them. Spoiled and rich coed Louise Platt and her jealous boyfriend Tim Holt and there's Fonda's mother Dorothy Stickney. And her daughter can't see anyone else in daddy's place. I Met My Love Again didn't slow down the careers of either Bennett or Fonda, but it seems to have trouble making up its mind which genre it falls in comedy or drama. It never really lives up to the mark in either.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 5 / 10 / 10

A film that had potential had it been done by a big studio

This film was made by United Artists at a time (like most times) when that small studio was struggling...and it shows. Production values are low, and there are times that the script is weak. And, the quality of the negative clearly hasn't stood the test of time; the print being shown on TCM is very fuzzy. Yet, there is something appealing about this film, despite all its problems. Perhaps it's the concept -- a woman tires of waiting for her intellectual fiancée to marry, has a fling of marriage and moves to Europe, her foolish husband dies in a rather bizarre way, and she returns to America and "meets her love, again". The question, of course, is what will happen when she meets that love again. And that is one strength of the film. Although I wouldn't exactly call them plot twists, the film meanders around a bit, so you're never quite sure where it's going. Sometimes the meanders are interesting, and sometimes they seem quite juvenile...as if the screenwriters were immature...they had decent ideas, but lacked the sophistication to make them seem reasonable. I mentioned that sometimes the plot is weak, although perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the dialogue is sometimes weak. A good example is in the college classroom scenes where the students are behaving like middle schoolers and the professor like a poor high school teacher...despite his having become so distinguished. Rather juvenile script writing. There were a number of times while watching this film that I thought how good it could have been if it had only been made by a big studio. The cast had potential. Henry Fonda is the fiancée/professor, and I would have guessed that this was one of his very earliest films. I was wrong. This was his eleventh film, and the one he made just before "Jezebel" with Bette Davis. For Joan Bennett, this was her 37th film (!). While she doesn't do badly here, it is clear that Bennett was not a first tier actress. Alan Marshall was a second or third tier actor, and again, that shows; it's almost as if he's trying to play Laurence Olivier...poorly. It's always a pleasure to see Dame May Witty in any film. The most interesting scene is the climax -- a sort of Soloman-esque bit that is rather clever. Okay to watch once, but I doubt you'll put it on your DVD shelf.

Reviewed by boblipton 5 / 10 / 10

Life and details get in the way

Joshua Logan was promoted from dialogue director to co-director for this clunky soap opera, probably on the basis of his connection with co-star Henry Fonda -- Logan had directed him when they were students at Princeton. The story, about how Fonda and Joan Bennett had been lovers in college, then had separated for a decade, she to Europe and motherhood, he to academia, has some fine points, including the performances -- the actors are straightforward and believable. However, the details of the production overwhelm this winning simplicity, including distractions from the set design and an over-the-top score by Heinz Roemheld. There's a fine supporting cast who are permitted to emote strongly; May Witty as Bennett's aunt, Alan Marshall as her wastrel husband, Louise Platt as the student who loves Fonda and Tim Holt as Louise's would-be boyfriend. However, they all seem a distraction from the central story and characters and render this watchable for the stars but little else.

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