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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matt-mccabebrown 6 / 10 / 10

If you like bikes, you'll watch it, otherwise it will bore you to tears

I'm biased. I love my motorbikes and I love motorbike racing, so realistically this review may be unfair. Compressing the 2010 British Superbike Championships into 90mins, the film manages to keep the pace going, but it does get repetitive, with the races passing at a rate of knots. Its is nicely filmed and uses footage and commentary from the very knowledgeable chaps at Eurosport, which any motorbike fan will enjoy and sadly this is ultimately the film's undoing. There is nothing here that a non bike fan will like. There I've said it. Sorry, but there really isn't. It concentrates on four riders. Tommy Hill, Josh Brooks, Stuart Ellison and Gary Mason. Again if you've followed BSB, you already know the results, but the film does try and give you glimpses of the family behind the scenes to give some idea of what else needs to be done, but realistically, there just isn't enough there. I enjoyed this film, but it is really a season review with some footage of loved ones chucked in for good measure. A true Marmite film, you will either love it or loathe it

Reviewed by manager-271-712045 / 10

great bike film

just watched this on blu ray and found it captivating. There's lots of press at the moment for the follow up isuperbiker2 and am most definitely going to watch it on a big screen. I think it brings bike racing to a larger audience for sure. Loved it and is a great watch for anyone interested in the mechanics of a superbike season. Its totally heartbreaking what happens to young Tommy Hill at the end. Hopefully in the new year film we will see himself redeemed. Of note are the huge audiences that attend every event, yet we never see much coverage of the championship in the national press, which I think makes it all the more fascinating. Its scored by a David vanian, whom I believe to be the lead singer of the punk band "The Damned", although the music is classical not punk.

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