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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aylmer 6 / 10 / 10

Worth a watch for crime fans, though not the best Eurocrime by any stretch

At first glance, DAY OF THE COBRA is a spiritual remake of Castellari's genre-defining HIGH CRIME. Both take place in Genoa, both star Franco Nero as a tough-as-nail law enforcement character fighting drug dealers, both feature a kid getting nailed by a car, and a henchman being shot in the groin from below. Unfortunately this film just doesn't have the same energy going for it. Everything feels markedly smaller and cheaper and the plot goes a bit too far out to be believable with plenty of silly dialog. It also contains some surprisingly poor performances and far too many instances of Enzo alluding to his other, better films. Nero's real life son Carlo acts in the film (as himself basically) but his subplot seems overall unconnected and just strange. What the film does have are a few exciting foot chase scenes and a silly fistfight between Nero and a transsexual. The main theme song is silly but very hummably infectious and the whole movie moves at a brisk, though casual pace. Sybil Danning provides some welcome if brief nudity, and we learn here that she actually wears high heels in bed. Also worth mentioning is the excellent supporting "dream team" cast of legendary Italian stuntmen such as Rocco Lerro, Massimo Vanni, Angelo Ragusa, and Romano Puppo all allowed to display their respective talents as various henchmen. Overall though the film is just too pedestrian and mediocre. Probably the least of Castellari/Nero teamings though still a cut above most of the pack of later Eurocrime movies.

Reviewed by currax 6 / 10 / 10


"I don't give a damn, I am the Cobra." That is a terrific theme song. Too bad the rest of the movie doesn't come close to High Crime or Street Law. But Day of the Cobra has its moments. Most of these moments are courtesy of Franco Nero. This guy is fun to watch even if he's just endlessly running or descending stairs. I was pretty entertained for about the first third of the film. After that, the plot started to lose some of its sparkle. The whole father/son subplot where we cut to scenes of Nero and his son playing baseball or discussing how they'll "be together forever" just didn't seem to fit. Overall, a good film but not the best Nero/Castellari collaboration.

Reviewed by Bezenby 6 / 10 / 10

More of the same, but still good

Both The Shark Hunter and Day of the Cobra feature director Enzo Castellari punching actor Franco Nero in the face. Is this some sort of in-joke? Nero scruffs up as an Italian private investigator living in San Francisco as some sort off disgraced ex-cop. Down on his luck, he's contacted by Narcotics agent William Berger and given the task of going back to Genoa to track down a sinister figure called Kandisky, whom we see killing a guy who looks like Alan Partridge and stealing a key off him. This Kandisky person seems to be Nero's mortal enemy, and he heads off to Genoa to kick ass. Once there, he enters a shady world of drug smuggling, imports, and Massimo Vanni wearing dodgy porn moustaches as he tries to track his prey. All is not as it seems, however, as he's followed everywhere, Kandisky starts taunting him by phone, and even glamourous night club ladies might actually be kung-fu expert men in drag. This one takes a while to get cooking but its plain sailing due to Nero's eccentric Cobra character, who constantly chews gum and leaves it everywhere while bouncing a rubber ball all over the place. There's plenty of action, mostly of the punch up kind at first, but as the story goes on it becomes darker and more violent, with Nero not being able to trust anyone. He does have time to bed Sybil Danning a few times. Or maybe he was checking she wasn't a dude. I do have a couple of niggles, however. While I'm always up for Nero shooting Massimo Vanni, he'd already shot him in the balls in High Crime, and Nero loses a kid to a speeding vehicle, like he did in the film High Crime. I have a sneaking suspicion that Castellari might have been running out of ideas here, which is why perhaps he moved on to ass-kicking post apocalyptic films. You can't fault the back up cast here: Big Romano Puppo and Wee Massimo Vanni on hired goon duties, Ennio Girolami, William Berger, even Enzo's daughter Stefania sporting some dodgy looking dreadlocks. It all worked for me.

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