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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by natashabowiepinky 4 / 10 / 10

Imagine I'm Boring, more like...

Imagine I'm Beautiful is about three very damaged people, and one very standard Hollywood hunk. Let's get the 'smoothie' out of the way first. He's Argentinian. He has a sexy accent. He's a great cook. He's a fantastic lover. He has a half beard/ half moustache. He'll sleep with you on your first date. He listens to your every concern. He also lacks any distinguishing characteristics, other than being good in the bedroom, making chicken and smiling a lot. How such a man is single is beyond me. Maybe it's because, despite his many accomplishments which would give him rave reviews on Mumsnet, he has all the character development of a dead flea. Moving on... So, this shy girl turns up in New York. Her first friend ditches her as soon as she sees a man worth 'doing it' with, and vomits over her new flatmate's paintings. Actually, looking at the before and after pictures... I'd say that constituted an improvement. Speaking of her roommate, she likes to listen to loud music behind closed doors, smokes like a chimney and cuts herself on the wrist. All this due to the trauma of losing a baby, AND her boyfriend. Nice. And just when you think the only normal girl in the movie is the wallflower, get a load of what she does later on. In her mind, having sex with her flatmate's ex is doing her roomie a favour... So he won't move onto someone else while she recovers from her 'personal issues'. Ookkaayy. There's barely a lick of believable human behaviour here, not a smidgen of relatable interaction and there ain't a trace of credible drama. What we have here is a screenplay written by aliens from the planet Zog, who's only discourse into Earth culture has been watching soap operas using a far-off satellite hook. Later on, the subject of mental illness rears it's ugly head, as we discover the shy girl was SHOCK! HORROR! about to be committed before she escaped. If you ask me, everyone in this tedious, confused mess of a film needs to be sent to the funny farm. Apart from the South American guy. He needs a urgent donation of what's known as the Personality Gene. Any volunteers? 4/10

Reviewed by alshwenbear1 7 / 10 / 10

A beautiful, moving, unpredictable picture!

I am big into movies and I love foreign movies and before "Imagine I'm Beautiful" I watched a movie from Argentina, where the central character goes psycho, murderous and complete bananas, and as much as I preach into loving foreign movies,that one was a completed disappointment. But why I am talking about that when "Imagine I'm beautiful" is centered in New York? Well both movies go into the human psych, fears, anguishes, and while one gets bloody and weird, the one I am reviewing left me wanting more and thinking for several minutes after the final credit faded away... What if instead of imposing our fears and despairs unto others, we do the best to change their lives and awkwardly try to make them happy? Would the world turn for the worse?, no I don't think so, we would be just a bunch of "cuckoos" prancing smiles around and refusing to settle down with reality, bitterness and else. I don't know if this movie will appeal to everyone but I'd really like to gather some friends around and make this movie the subject of analysis. I identified with this movie because people who know me cannot comprehend why I always smile at the world, even though when implies a little sacrifice of the soul. As I said before this movie will appeal to those who see the world and the rest of the people in more colors than black and white. To the producers and actors and everyone involved in the making of this movie: thank you for this soul searching statement about the elusiveness of happiness.

Reviewed by iviwck 7 / 10 / 10

To get even more from this movie, first hear Author's TED-talk at TEDxBeaconStreet

In her talk: "What it's like to be a Woman in Hollywood," McDougall Jones begins with a Story & ends with a Revolution, that No Woman (or Man) should miss. (Search for her name on or in app "TED") You'll get much more from the watching of this film, if you take just to buzz thru her TED talk. PS Her talk is also a Call to Action to other Women Filemakers, so - if you, or some1 you know, is one - let them know... It can help increase the # of movies we get to see, about women & made by women, from current near-0 level to (more than 50%, since films done by & about women, as it happens, MAKE MORE $$). Another reason to be part of this revolution: 20th Century Fox, Paramount have No Female Directors through 2018 (The writer of "Imagine I'm Beautiful" intends to change than, invites you to do what you can to bring this change.) As I said at the top, viewing Writer's TED talk will add much to your experience of "Imagine I'm Beautiful" I commend it to you... as a man. ;-)

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