Impact Earth

Action / Drama

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January 12, 2021



Brooke Langton as Stella Harrison
Caitlin Carver as Julia Waters
Lew Temple as Conductor
Tom Berenger as Thomas Beckett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10 / 10

It doesn't get more clichéd

IMPACT EARTH is another cheesy low budget disaster movie that seems to have been churned out without any kind of creativity or imagination whatsoever. Certainly the film itself is a dud, cutting and pasting in all of the stock sub-plots from previous TV movie disaster flicks. You get the family in danger, the renegade outsider scientist who nobody else listens to, the idiotic government agents, the human bad guys, and of course the cheesy CGI effects. These tend to be limited to meteorite strikes which are portrayed in an amusingly inept way. Tom Berenger, almost unrecognisable, is the old-timer in the cast and the best thing in it somewhat inevitably; the rest is an aimless mess of clichés and join-the-dots plotting.

Reviewed by fstctuk 4 / 10 / 10

Bad ....

Poor special effects, mediocre storyline, uninspiring dialogue. The actresses are hot, though. And I'm still watching it, but you shouldn't.

Reviewed by FadedOut 4 / 10 / 10

Another disaster film."

This is a film that has the unoriginal concept of Asteroid about to hit Earth along with various staples plot devices of these type of films, such as disgraced scientist no one will believe when he (and a assistant in this one) see the oncoming disaster. Looting/Crime just before disaster, a last minute scheme to save the day and an danger fraught trip to a safe place to hide out. The film also goes off in strange tangents from drunken louts following the heroes group, to romance between assistant and hero still pining for his wife who kicked him out and he's taking to his shelter with their son, a man and his daughter stalking them in the woods before saving them, then holding them hostage, then space pool with one asteroid knocked into the one about to hit Earth, deflecting it and saving the day. Although many smaller asteroids caused destruction across the US, while still coming close to our heroes very specific area of countryside and woods.

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