In Her Shoes

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Cameron Diaz as Carol Faber
Eric Balfour as Skip
Toni Collette as Jan Vokes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 6 / 10 / 10

A boring movie

A girl who wants to life an easy life by hooking up with various men has a big fight with her overworking sister and finds refuge on her grandmother's place (whom she didn't know she existed). Since her attitude isn't getting her anywhere, she's about to realize that her newly found relative will help her more than she expected (but also much different than how she'd hoped). This is that kind of movie which you get to see once, endure its exaggerated length and in the end you're just happy that it's over. It was so boring I almost fell asleep a couple of times and I honestly resisted shutting it down. It was so pointless that it made you wonder why it was continuing. Fortunately for me, the last part of it was a bit more interesting, it became more sentimental, also a bit dramatic, which sort of sweetened up a bit the overall feeling. A lot of scenes came out of nowhere, almost retarded, without any logic and superficial, just to be there and prolong the sorrow. You don't feel anything for the characters, you don't feel sorry for them even they when they face situations which in real life would cause a lot of pain. Once again, if it wasn't for Cameron and the happy finale, it would have been a truly bad movie in my opinion.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 8 / 10 / 10

I appreciate it, but I don't like it

Is it possible to appreciate a movie and not like it at all? I learned long ago in film school how much it hurts to receive criticism on a project you've poured your heart into, so I'll try to keep my review mostly positive. The acting in In Her Shoes is fantastic. Toni Collette personifies the role, so much so that you can't even imagine anyone else being cast as Rose. She's a hard worker, a realist, a secret believer in love, and struggles between self-loathing and enjoying the good when it comes. Above all, she's the "good kid", the responsible one in comparison to her flighty, stupid, floozy sister Maggie. I'm not trying to be mean by calling her stupid; she contains neither book smarts nor common sense. Cameron Diaz tries to shed her American golden girl image by portraying an incredibly unlikable villain, and it works. Part of the reason I don't like Cameron Diaz is because I can't shake this movie's performance from my mind. Shirley MacLaine plays the girls' estranged grandmother, and she gives a surprisingly warm and feminine performance. My problem with the movie is the message of the story. The two sisters continually clash until Cameron Diaz does the unforgivable and Toni Collette kicks her out, leaving her to flounder on her own. I won't give any spoilers, but at the heart of the story is a "family is family" theme. I don't subscribe to that theory. I don't think being blood related to someone gives them the right to trample all over your life with the assurance of unconditional love and forgiveness. The entire duration of the movie, I side with Toni. I have no sympathy for Cameron, even when she's tossed out on her fanny. Since I'm not on board with the entire point of the movie, it's hard for me to enjoy watching it. My favorite part of the movie is Mark Feuerstein's EWF character. He's ridiculously cute, totally Every Woman's Fantasy. So whenever I'm forced to watch In Her Shoes with my mom, at least there's eye candy to pass the time! Kiddy Warning: Obviously, you have control over your own children. However, due to graphic sex scenes, and some adult themes, I wouldn't let my kids watch it. Also, there may or may not be a rape scene, so keep that in mind.

Reviewed by KissEnglishPasto 8 / 10 / 10

Cameron Diaz Walks in Someone Else's (Sisters of the Traveling) Shoes!

.........................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA...and ORLANDO, FL **** MAY Contain a Couple MINOR Spoilers **** Cameron Diaz amazes in this delightful little film. ALERT! For all men! "In Her Shoes" is the perfect movie to see with all the important women in your life: Wife or girlfriend(s), daughters, sisters, mother, mother- in-law, aunts, cousins, friends and grandmothers! You've got my 100% guarantee that all of them will love it! So you can please them all and treat yourself to some eye candy, too, because scenes abound with Cameron Diaz romping around in a scant bikini in this rather amusing and interesting story which interweaves a patchwork of unusual family ties. Diaz plays Maggie, the very attractive inveterate party-girl. Rose (Toni Collette), the successful workaholic lawyer, plays counterpoint to her sister, Maggie. When an industrial size faux pas, committed by Maggie, drives a Grand Canyon size wedge between these polar opposite siblings, Maggie tempestuously decides to cut ties with Rose and relocate to Miami in order to seek out her estranged grandmother (Shirley Maclaine) whom she has not seen since she was a little girl. The sisters take advantage of this forced hiatus in their relationship to achieve personal growth and self- improvement. Fate, as it so often does in real life, plays an important role both in the development of the story and in the lives of its characters. The nuanced on-screen chemistry between the three leading characters is exquisite! "SHOES" shows some rather original and interesting elements. Observing the artistic growth of Cameron Diaz over the years, I now consider her an exceptional actor. Here, Diaz fleshes out her character; converting each action and reaction into world-class natural! In one close-up, her face fills the entire screen,at a moment when Maggie is feeling extremely tired and stressed. She clearly projects a frail, aging fatigue at the precise real-time twilight of her youth! Not many Divas would lend themselves to such a scenario to improve a scene! 8.5* 8*…....ENJOY/DISFRUTELA! Any comments, questions or observations, in English o en Español, are most welcome! ....

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