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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrisskupic 1 / 10 / 10

what is this?

If you're going into this movie blind don't expect much. The two main characters are not believable at all. The male boyfriend character over acts everything to the point that it's completely annoying. The female character seems so bland it's almost like she's bored. Not a single trace of chemistry between the two. They must have went to the Aniken Skywalker school of acting. The whole movie is just terrible. Probably could have been better if they had chosen actual actors to play the parts and not just use friends because it's cheaper that way. I also don't buy how they make the two main actors look like they have been locked away from the sun for years when it has only been one day. Obviously no one thought this movie through before they filmed it or they were making it up as they went along. The music is bad and the cinematography is unimaginative. Just don't waste your time.

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 8 / 10 / 10

My Review Of "In The House Of Flies"

The story is a strong, well thought out situation that builds on a steady, tense chain of events framed by a claustrophobic, and hopeless setting. The acting is pretty tight, with most of the film's thrills coming from the situational reaction of the captive couple at the mercy of an unknown psychopath. The concept is pretty customary in modern horror with characters forced to play out the twisted games of a nightmarish persona. The overall effect of the drama, meant to cause chills and tension becomes slightly tedious over the course of the film, but the cast manages to create an uncomfortable, emotional atmosphere which allowed me to build a connection, and feel invested. The special effects are subdued, limited practical effects that offer a mix of gore, and grit. The majority of "In The House Of Flies" effectiveness as a horror film comes from the cramped setting, creepy props, insects, and macabre atmosphere. These things are 90 percent of the films horror element, sometimes giving us chilly realness, other times remaining inert properties. The sound effects do offer up an extra dose of despair, which helps to create that suspenseful unease effect. I had no real complaints on that aspect of this film. Overall "In The House Of Flies" fails to really be horrific, often the film becomes a bit boring. The slow pace, mild nature did little to thrill me. The drama, writing, and effects were pretty stellar for an indie micro-budget film like this. Carrer's shows real talent with "In The House Of Flies" but the lack of action, and real energy keeps the film from really excelling considering the concept. The ending is a bit underwhelming, considering the cool vibe created by the opening scenes. It would have been nice if Carrer would have finished with that level of energy considering how sedate the majority of the film tends to be.

Reviewed by dsntxst 8 / 10 / 10

A gritty, creepy and thoroughly enjoyable indie thriller

Browsing through Mr Henry Rollins' IMDb page I stumbled across this entry and (also being a Deftones fan) thought I should look into it. The premise - although not overly original - seemed interesting enough, and after reading several online reviews I figured it was worth taking a chance on. I am certainly glad I did as 'In the House of Flies' is a brilliant slow-burning thriller that proves there is plenty of life in the indie thriller/horror scene. The idea of watching two people in a cramped room being tormented over the telephone might not scream "excitement", but the physical limitations of the script and setting are what helps drive this film. The is a no-frills story: two ordinary people are thrust into an extraordinary situation and must deal with it. It's the pieces that come together to tell this story that makes the film so effective. The performances by the two leads are stunning - you feel every ounce of fear, helplessness, hopelessness, determination, love and exhaustion as much as you see it etch into their faces as the film progresses. You latch onto and go along with these characters despite the fact you actually have very little background on them to start with - certainly a mark of effective and strong performances. A special mention must also be made for the sinister vocal performance of Henry Rollins - this guy is pure evil at the end of a telephone line. The set design, lighting, sound design and photography help give a gritty and claustrophobic feeling to the film and there is some absolute technical wizardry going on that makes the most of given limitations (physical space, budget) without it ever feeling like cheating. I know nothing about the technical aspects of film-making but I marvelled at some of the shots and set ups that were achieved here. Even the little details (a puff of dirt here and there, insect noises) were very much appreciated. Such a limited story does have some minor drawbacks. The narrative was a bit "jumpy" and disjointed (eg the mechanics of 'elapsed time' sometimes made it feel like something was missing in between scenes); and the ending will certainly be divisive. I personally like the open-endedness of it but there is a bit of an "OK but what now?" factor which makes it almost impossible for me to recommend it to my (less tolerant) friends. Oh well, their loss... Overall, if you like your thrillers with a bit of grit and a lot of character - and don't mind a slow-burning story - this will be right up your alley. To me, true (cinematic) horror has never been about stories of demons or zombies or monsters or ghosts but those of the unspeakable things one seemingly normal human can inflict upon another - 'In the House of Flies' certainly fits this bill.

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