Inside Ring


Action / Adventure / Thriller

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January 9, 2022



Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Malakian
Jean Reno as Milo Malakian
Sami Bouajila as L'inspecteur Saunier
Vahina Giocante as Elodie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10 / 10


The movie centers around the Malakian crime family, an Armenian heritage family living in France. Anton is the son of the crime boss. He wants out, but doesn't want to offend his family so he stays in because he is now French and sits on a fence post. The cops are after the family, but are too ineffective to make a case against them. The movie starts out with a clever car theft, but then quickly digresses in a series of boring scenes. You don't get to feel for any of the characters, and you are confused as to which side to root for. You just wish somebody would do something. The family plans a final ultimate heist which will succeed if the French cops are too stupid to use their radio to stop their get away. The music at times was more fit for a B horror movie. Brief nudity, sex, and a little violence. Keep the fast forward on the remote handy.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Moving and intelligent thriller about a powerful family of violent gangsters headed by a magnificent Jean Reno

Tense and violent French thriller with intense drama , wonderful acting and spectacular action scenes , dealing with the head of an Armenian "crime family" and his son , set in the south of France . Thrilling and stirring thriller about a powerful family of cruel mobsters , they are the Malakian clan , that controls the underworld of Southern France . At its head, the tough , ruthless godfather Milo Malakian (Jean Reno) rules his world with an iron fist . The gang is formed by various two-fisted members , all of whom have great respect for this person . His son and heir, results to be Anton (Gaspard Ulliel) , but he wants to retire himself , living peacefully . Anton's life radically changes when appears a beautiful girl and he would like to forget that part of his life along with his nurse sweetheart Elodie (Vahina Giocante) . Miko Malakian is a known robber who has retained a sense of family , honesty , camaraderie , unfailing loyalty and pride in his origins . Proud Miko is 60 and some years old and a veteran leader of a dangerous band of robbers . The two of them , father and son , have created a reckless gang who carry out bold robberies . Most of all, Miko has remained friendship with Rudy (Isaac Sharry) .The team they formed, inevitably got involved in organized crime, they are called the Malakian Clan , made them the most famous armed thieves in France .Meanwhile , the clan chief Miko taking part in funeral , weddings , parties and family celebrations . But then there appears the stubborn L'inspecteur Saunier (Sami Bouajila) who relentlessly pursues them . To getaway , not only does Anton have to counter his own destiny , but also the cop who has sworn to bring his dad down . Later on , there emerges violence , chases , betrayal and relentless vendetta , it does gang's inner circle is engraved in blood . A stylish , complex , dramatic movie driven by two main characters , dealing with a known delinquent : Jean Reno and his son as well as heir : Garpard Ulliel . This exciting film contains action , violence , thrills , treason , suspense and plot twists . Top-notch thriller in which nothing is the way it seems , the atmosphere is already tense and the twists and turns are the best part of this movie . In other ways, it feels like a tribute to ¨Polar¨ genre or French Noir Cinema , full of attractive characters and edge-of-your-seat intrigue . The story is well paced including complex as well as interesting roles. The film was noteworthy for casting some of the finest actors in France . Exceptional acting by Jean Reno , a good French actor who has played several Noir flicks , he plays as Milo Malakian , a notorious criminal of simple and universal values, so clear-headed and full of loyalty , friendship , comradeship with his family and band . Reno has played a lot of hits ; both , main actor and secondary character , such as : The Professional, The Big Blue , Godzilla, Ronin, Days and Nights , The Crimson Rivers I and II , Wasabi , 22 Bullets , Alex Cross , Pink Panther , Cash , Armored , and many others . His son is well played by Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Malakian who has disowned his past, as he wishes quiet life, as he dreams of breaking free and making his own choices , he would like to forget that part of his life ,as he has found peace by retiring from the "business" along with his girlfriend Elodie finely performed by Vahina Giocante , she is a nice match with Gaspard . Good production design , adding colorful exteriours and adequate interior . Excellent soundtrack by Alain Krenski that elevates the emotion and the intensity of the scenes to new heights . Brilliant as well as evocative cinematography filmed on location by Laurent Machuel . Laurent Tuel did a formidable job with this Le premier cercle (2009) in similar style to Les Lyonnais (2011) . Tuel is a good writer/producer/director of nice movies . He then wrote the first draft of the screenplay himself, and so on ; being based on a original idea by Laurent Turner and Laurent Tuel himself . Tuel is a notorious writer/director who has directed a few films , TV movies and shorts , such as : Children's Play , Jean-Philippe , Le combat ordinaire , Le grande boucle , Le rocher d'Acapulco , Speakerine (TV Series) and Hillbilly Chainsaw Massacre (Short) . rating : 6.5/10 . Decent French thriller .

Reviewed by jotix100 6 / 10 / 10

The Armenian clan

The film begins with a newsreel account of the Armenian genocide of the last century. It doesn't serve any purpose because the story we are invited to watch is not about that horrible page in the history of that country, but one in which descendants of the fleeing Armenians, settled in France, have chosen a life of crime. Milo Malakian, the ruthless head of the clan, rules supreme over his men. His own son, Anton, is part of the gang. Anton, alas, has a secret life. He has been having a hot affair with the nurse that is seeing his own grandmother. This young man has had it and wants to break away from his father and a life of crime. For that, he has set his eyes on a property he wants to turn into a sort of boutique hotel. Because of that, he must keep a low profile. Milo, on the other hand, has something else in mind. He is planning a caper that will make him and his associates rich men. They want to steal the money transfer that will be taken on a commercial flight from a nearby airport. Saunier, the police inspector of the area, figures the group is up to no good. Keeping an eye on the money transfer, seems to be the right thing to do. Little prepares Saunier and his men for the way the Malakian gang will employ to get to the money. Laurent Tuel directed this action film. The film reminds us of other pictures of the genre, although we must admit, it kept our attention. It is to Mr. Tuel's credit to have kept the pace in the movie, as it never became dull. The heist at the airport reminded us of a similar incident that occurred in France not too long ago. How closer is this story to what really happened, is not clear to us. Jean Reno appears as Milo, the boss of the group. Gaspar Ulliel does justice to his Anton, a man that came from a criminal background and realizes there is much more to life because he has fallen in love for the beautiful Elodie, played by Vahina Giocante. Sami Bouajila is seen as Saunier, the police in pursuit of the bad guys.

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