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Reviewed by burlesonjesse5 7 / 10 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of International Falls

"You ever seen Fargo?" Yes, and I've also seen A Simple Plan and 2019's International Falls (my latest review). Granted, "Falls" is not cynical or thrill-seeking like Fargo. Yeah there's those quirky Minnesota accents and the snow is falling but hey, there's no gratuitous violence, no Steve Buscemi, and no real black comedy (even though the film is about a struggling comedian). Anyway, International Falls is a double character study and a lonely spectacle about infidelity. It's a depressing tale of two burnout people who can't escape their own doom and gloom. The actors involved (Rachel Harris and Rob Huebel) do solid and revealing work. Their scenes are enclosed, divulged, and done in one-on-one fashion. As far as last year's releases go, "Falls" unveils and takes some real dark turns. Yeah it's about amateur stand-up but that's just the surface. At a running time of 93 minutes, "Falls" feels akin to 2001's Tape. Just think intimate and daunting conversations that take place in your typical hotel room (without the concepts of HD video and real time). Yup, I'm gonna recommend International Falls and yes, I'm the first critic to feature it as a user on IMDb. Shot with exteriors in International Falls, Minnesota (naturally), released in a dozen film festivals, and billed as a farce (which it really isn't), "Falls" chronicles lowly funnyman, vulgar language-r, and Xanax monger, Tim (Huebel). Tim during his comedic tour stop at an International Falls hotel, befriends a sad sack housewife who wants to pursue the same career that he already has (and doesn't really want). The two confide in each other, parley, make love, and then one of them eventually commits suicide (spoiler). Sad, downtrodden, and not without a muted happy ending (one of the two personas actually elicits a few laughs), International Falls "falls" into the recommend category. Rating: 3 stars.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 9 / 10 / 10

finding joy

Dee (Rachael Harris) is a bored wife and mother in International Falls, Minnesota. She dreams of being a stand-up comedian. She's a hotel desk clerk where Tim (Rob Huebel) is the new traveling comic doing shows in the hotel. The start is a little awkward with her cheating. I also noticed that her accent switches from Fargo to sassy Rachael Harris throughout the movie. It's weird that some characters go fall Fargo while others are doing a lot less. Eventually, there is some good character work with Dee and her husband. The stand-up comedy is almost never funny and that causes problems of its own. The ending is one of those problems. I understand the writer falling in love with the gas station bit but her closing should be one joke and out. The joke could even bomb but she just has to get over the hump of finally finding her joy. That's her journey. It's not about the mistress or her marriage. It's not about anything other than a middle age woman finding her own joy for the first time.

Reviewed by noelshankel 9 / 10 / 10

Rachael Harris and Rob Huebel Use Comedy to Explore Their Failed Lives in International Falls.

What makes International Falls such an engaging film -- outside of the soothing Minnesoooota accents -- are the two central performances. As Tim, Huebel perfectly captures the life of a struggling comic, his sarcastic wit and self-deprecating humor masking the emotions he's too insecure to actually share. As Dee, Rachael Harris matches him note-for-note, slowly but surely finding the confidence she needs to alter her life, regardless of how daunting it may seem. Together, Huebel and Harris create the kind of on-screen chemistry that never feels forced or rehearsed; the type of chemistry that grows organically from a shared perspective.

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