Into the Grizzly Maze

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James Marsden as Tim Templeton
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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10 / 10

Lacklustre addition to an age-old sub-genre

INTO THE GRIZZLY MAZE is an action horror movie with an A-list cast and B-movie feel. It's about a bunch of characters who end up in the woods with a rampaging grizzly bear hunting for them, and the entire plot consists of waiting to find out who lives and who dies as a result. The film seems to be a throwback to the exploitation pictures of old, like GRIZZLY, but it fails to entertain due to the fact that it simply isn't thrilling. Instead this film consists of clich├ęd characters and situations and over-obvious direction. Familiar stars show up and spout dialogue and either hunt or are hunted by the grizzly. James Marsden and Thomas Jane have both had successful careers but seem weak and insipid here, and Billy Bob Thornton's kooky character is underutilised in what amounts to little more than an extended cameo. Scott Glen has even less to do other than hang around looking haggard. The main recommendation is that the bear attack sequences are convincing, reliant on trick photography rather than the usual CGI creations or man-in-a-suit monstrosities.

Reviewed by pizzadudes 8 / 10 / 10

If Rambo was a bear...

This lot have to be the worst hunters on the planet. How hard can it be to shoot a big bear yet time and again they keep missing with a clear shot and also at point blank range too. Also this bear displays skills like a ninja the way it keeps sneaking up on people without being seen and disappearing into the shadows when it's in trouble. Trust me you'll be tearing your hair out at how annoying this movie is!

Reviewed by GL84 8 / 10 / 10

Rather enjoyable if flawed effort

Returning back to his homeland, a man find him and his estranged brother sent off into the wildnerness looking for some lost and stranded friends only to run into a savage killer bear stalking the area and must find a way to help them and the remaining survivors escape alive. This here was quite the decent and enjoyable killer bear effort. As is usually the case with these, once the bear is on-screen the film's is generally at it's best which is the case here with this one really generating some fantastic work here with the strong bear attack scenes in this one. This tends to go for more shorter burst attacks rather than long extended sequences so there's plenty of scenes of the bear going for the quick attack scenes here of the bear attacking the poachers in the remote cabin, the blazingly quick attack on the tree-cutters off the road where he makes for a nice two-shot attack appearing out nowhere to get them and the nice overall attack on the police squad set-up trying to find the others which provide this one with some rather enjoyable attacks. These are just as much fun in the second half where they're out in the wilderness being stalked by the bear which provides this with many more types of chilling, action-packed moments which are quite frequent throughout here with the whole part of the film basically turning into one long, extended sequence of them finding the bodies of the previous encounters and trying to maneuver through the dense, twisting underbrush in an attempt to not only find their way back but also to try to fight off the bear long enough to do so, and these hunting and stalking scenes are great fun. The bear charging after them and bringing them to try to escape makes for some fun moments, and when it gets to the point of having to hunt down the creature that final confrontation makes for a spectacle-packed sequence with their desire to get away and it's sheer relentlessness in continuing to come after them brings a ton of action here to the scenes. As these scenes are based mainly on the use of the real-life bear being involved there's even more to like here by giving the scenes with the creature some real weight behind it as it's featured here, and that comes into play here with the scenes of the gore and bloodshed as there's a more explicit take on the kills due to the use of the real bear. These here all make this one quite fun and enjoyable which is enough to hold out the film's few, minor flaws here. The biggest problem with this one is the fact that there's such a low body-count featured that it really doesn't allow for much sense of danger that the cast is in any real threat here with this one featuring far more survivors than any true body-count. This here probably could've done with either knocking one of them off or either thrown in one more that would help the body count even more. Likewise, there's little about the first half with his returning to the town not being all that interesting and really doesn't generate any kind of interest or sympathy from what's going on and it's just not that enjoyable. These here are what hold this one back somewhat. Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity and violence-against-animals.

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