Irrational Man


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Emma Stone as Abigail
Joaquin Phoenix as Lucius Hunt
Parker Posey as Serena
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by obliviousmonkeyman 3 / 10 / 10

a hurried job

On the plus side, this is a nice idea. If philosophy & classics (Dostoevsky) is something you haven't bothered with so far, then this may be nice because it's a quick summary. Unfortunately, it feels like the script was then written in a hurry and not proofread by anyone. The philosophy side of things is shallow and predictable, the cheesy chirpy music every time something 'profound' happens is irritating, and Emma Stone's voice overs are uncomfortably scripted. The characters start off interesting, but then become standard at the end. And to top off, as a Woody Allen movie, it starts to feel a bit gross when he has a guy ignoring the woman of his own age and going for the young girl instead (despite first saying 'I won't go for you because it's not appropriate because you're too young').

Reviewed by moonspinner55 5 / 10 / 10

Rationalizing murder

Student at Rhode Island university falls for her philosophy professor, a burnt-out, hard-drinking older man with a pot belly and a reputation for sleeping with his students. He initially hopes to keep their relationship casual, that is until the thought of doing society a favor--eliminating someone with a worse reputation than his--comes to mind, which brightens his outlook and gives him the impetus to date and enjoy life for the first time. Fine Woody Allen drama, well-acted yet rife with the writer-director's familiar crimes-and-misdemeanors (with a tip of the hat to Dostoevsky). The teacher-student affair is another Allen-trademark, though Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are subtly charismatic in these roles. Still, nothing much seems to happen in the first 45 minutes (Allen takes too much time kick-starting the plot) and the general cast of characters here is very small. Allen uses a jazzy rendition of "The 'In' Crowd" as a music motif, and doesn't rely too much on sex or sex talk to spark his narrative, though one does become impatient with Phoenix's teacher, who justifies his actions again and again--first in a voice-over and then to Stone, for whom his feelings are never really made clear. **1/2 from ****

Reviewed by atlasmb 5 / 10 / 10

Woody Allen Leads Viewers By The Hand Through A Sterile, Predictable Crisis

Surfing through the channels, I found this film, which I had never heard of before. When I saw that Emma Stone is in the cast, I decided to check it out. The number of voice-overs was a possible distraction. After about ten minutes, Joacquin Phoenix's internal thoughts reminded me of a Woody Allen voice-over. And it occurred to me that I would actually enjoy it more if Woody was the actor playing that part. Of course I discovered--on checking--that Woody was indeed the writer and director of the film. Joaquin Phoenix plays Abe Lucas, a college professor overcome by impotence in a broad sense of the word. His philosophical musings lead to an emotional breakthrough that frees him from societal norms and his neurotic nebbishness. As the story develops, it is obvious that his actions will lead to unforeseen (by him) consequences. Viewers are, of course, ahead of the curve. Abe thinks he is Hemingway, a man who takes action, but he is really Robert Walker from "Strangers on a Train", celebrating his warped view of life. Allen borrows from that film and also from Hitchcock's "Rope". There is a moral sterility in the outcome. And the jazz soundtrack feels inappropriately celebratory in many sections of the film. The film's basic message--that if you trust your instincts without deferring to the rational mind, the results are unpredictable--is fine. It's just that its delivery that falls short. And the plot includes some unnecessarily neat coincidences.

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