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Adam Brody as Jake
Amanda Crew as Anna Malarek
Dayo Ade as David
Sheila McCarthy as Audrey Walsh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10 / 10

where shall i begin??

When im overwhelmed by a good psychological horror thriller, its gives me only two options either reviewing by telling the whole story and spoil it to everybody, or not, but ill try to do it anyway... but first a warning. if you are pregnant late 3rd trimester, if your depressed, have just aborted for the first, second or third time, have a peepin and envious neighbour, or have any schizoactive activity or other mental disabilities, or have or have had major spiritual or religious crisis, then let be watching this until someone close to you have seen it.its not a slasher film, just hardcore mental torture. its a story about a couple, that has bought a house for their soon to come baby, but unfortunately its the house next to devils adress, tragic things happens at a fast pace, and the wife is spiraling into a decending despair of depression and confussion, and seemingly being born herself with an underlying , undiagnosed borderline/schizofrenic kinda disorder, everybody thinks shes going crazy, and litterally speaking she does. what happens to them, the baby and the husband, and the formidabel neigbour, well i leave that to you by viewing this experience called isabelle. there are some red glowing eyes, and they mustv e been the brightest glow of red ive seen in anybodys eyes, and the twist and turn that you may think is the clicheest of cliches, makes several turns into what may become a sequel, and will definately make you redefine the definition of a develish neighbour. the story are in fact very thin, and the acting are not especially brilliant, but its the combination of timing, score, location design, visual effects, sound effects, make up and pace that makes this better than most neonoir horror flicks. it has also got the spiritual, religious and psycological components, that are extremely well acted out. the hallucinations of an acute traumatized person , are very real, and explicitely well acted. what she can hear , see, feel and smell are for her so vivid, and for us so symptomatic, so you feel like a besserwisser, until the turns become so unexpected, that you start blinking your eyes and smelling your sweat in disbelief, due to the shocking mental horror in this flick. the grumpy old man are very impressed by this film, and telling that my wife who were flying around with her back towards the screen all the time, should be the reason why you should see it too. recommended it is

Reviewed by norma-59481 2 / 10 / 10

One minute can change the course of LIFE!!!

This movie tackles grief, desperate resorts for a child who is born with a birth defect, the loss of a stillborn child, mental illness, strange neighbors, and a second opportunity in LIFE after experiencing a near death experience. I enjoyed the role of Larissa. A woman who refuses to allow her inner conflict take over her life. She fights every step of the way even after experiencing hauntings from the same spirit. Larissa dies for one minute when she undergoes a miscarriage. That one minute becomes crucial in the plot and conflict of this story. I was thoroughly impressed with the writing of Donald Martín, the directing of Robert Heydon, the acting of Amanda Crew, Adam Brody, Sheila McCarthy, and Zoe Belkin, and the music of Mark Korven. I liked how all the pieces and elements fell together to create an ending I never anticipated. Isabelle is worth watching.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10 / 10

There may be some complications

Matthew (Adam Brody) and his very expecting wife Larissa (Amanda Crew) move into a Saratoga Springs home. They neighbor Ann (Sheila McCarthy) cares for her demonically possessed daughter Isabelle (Zoë Belkin). Isabelle was sexually molested and given to Satan by her father Frank before the church could do it. Larissa has a stillborn child and was clinically dead for a minute (like my ex-wife used to be during sex). Being dead for a minute has caused her to see the gates of hell and the dead somehow like her, especially the creepy girl next door who may or may not be in a wheelchair. This appears to be a faith-based horror and not a good one. Like a non-Catholic writing about Catholics. Guns don't kill evil spirits. Guns kill mirrors. Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.

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