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Reviewed by adi-justadi 8 / 10 / 10

The girl just sat inside calmly, doing nothing to solve the situation.

While watching the painful trouble the boy and the girl were going through with the torturers, while feeling disgust towards the perpetrators, what really bothered me is that the girl just sat inside the car, without even trying to speak against the perpetrators. She should've spoken out against them. The boy had to deal with the entire situation there when the two men were torturing them. When a woman doesn't join her man to fight against the trouble, it is not equality. Equality of gender comes when both the boy and the girl share each other's pain and deal with a situation together, helping each other. The girl did absolutely nothing to resolve the situation along with the boy. It's extremely depressing seeing that.

Reviewed by deepuvijay 10 / 10 / 10

The best of its kind

Movies against the moral policing have been seen in the malayalam industry in the recent times and i think this is the best of that kind. The first half is really haunting and brings you to the edge of your seats, second half does the same but gives you a different experience. If you're a movie lover and love raw, realistic movies then go for it. Do watch it in theatres

Reviewed by merrieberrie 10 / 10 / 10

Please don't watch this movie if you have heart health issues.

This movie after the first few minutes of humor and fun was intense. I found myself holding my breath multiple times. I saw it with Amazon Prime, so had to pause in between just so I could breath. It was so intense and captivating. The theme is Misogyny, and not a love story they are honest with the description of the movie. In my book they could have done nothing differently. The cast, the camera was all just perfect. If at all I am forced like to say something so I can go home (; is I would have avoided the little girl from the center of it all but for the director I can see and understand how the story demands it. Boy oh boy oh boy the picturization of "Male ego Vs Perennial Female victimization." had to painted out for the ones living in oblivion to feast on. I want to watch a movie with Psycho Shammi (Kumbalangi Nights) Vs Alwin the 'njarappu rogi". Lol

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