It Takes Two



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Barry Corbin as Gil Denton
George Newbern as Frank / PVS Host
John Hawkes as Richard Swersey
Leslie Hope as Jenny Hatcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 7 / 10 / 10

Another Funny Comedy from the 80's

In Texas, the naive Travis Rogers (George Newbern) quits his job to marry his beloved Stephanie "Stephi" Lawrence (Leslie Hope) and work with his father-in-law. However he decides to buy a car with his US$ 5,000.00 savings in Dallas before the wedding. He goes to a car dealer and the sexy saleswoman Jonni Tigersmith (Kimberly Foster) convinces him to buy an expensive fully-loaded Lamborghini-type car after the test drive. But soon Travis finds that his car is a piece of junk. When Jonni sees the car, she has an argument with her crooked boss since it is not the test drive car and is fired together with the mechanic. She meets Travis and they have one night stand. They team up with the mechanic and decide to retrieve the car he bought. Meanwhile Stephi is waiting for travel for the rehearsals and finally for the wedding. Will Travis marry Stephi or stay with Jonni? "It Takes Two" is another funny comedy from the 80's. The misadventures of Travis with his brand-new car and the situation of Stephi alone in the rehearsals are funny and Kimberly Foster is sexy and gorgeous. The conclusion is conventional but adequate for Travis' behavior. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Com Qual das Duas?" ("With Which One of the Two?")

Reviewed by jmills-40840 7 / 10 / 10

Sweet Take on First Adult Adventure

It's a comedy about starting a life as a young married couple. Formulated by 1980s comedic writers to be a safe look in to a wedding from two distinct view points; his desire to not be his Dad and her desire to marry for love. Exotic car and trip to big city mixes with sleazy car dealer and sexy saleswoman equals coming of age for our hero. See past the critics and negative reviews. See the pair come together to fulfill their need for each other.

Reviewed by u-try 7 / 10 / 10

Good eighties road movie with nice Lambo

Well I'm not living in Arizona... though my IQ exceeds the room temperature. I think it is a matter of Your own preferences if You like this film or if You don't. Sure, this film is not comparable to films like Titanic, Gladiator, Star Wars or something else like that. In my opinion this is a real good piece of entertainment in the way it has been done in the eighties... You can damn it or love it. I would say this film is a road movie, surely the story is somehow strange but nevertheless funny. At least I would say You could take a look at it if You like cars like the Lamborghini Countach and if You can understand what it's able to do with a young man.

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