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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by theredeygo 7 / 10 / 10

Rockabilly World is Awesome

If you Love Documentaries, And Music, And Culture, And Art, and Hot Rides this is a must see!!! I was totally unaware of anything like this. I thought this lifestyle was left in the 1950s. The Music is amazing. The Rockabillies are very Interesting. These guys have really cool outfits. The women are Awesome. They are very classy Pin Up Models. The music will get you out of your seat. Live Guitar Drum and Bass. The Cars are really cool to see. Cool engines, and paint jobs. There's so much to learn about this lifestyle!!! You will learn so much about it's history and what being a Rockabilly is all about. This Documentary has everything you could ask for. It's A Rockabilly World is a Great Film.

Reviewed by StrictlyConfidential 7 / 10 / 10

A Desperately Disappointing Look At An American Subculture Revival

Unfortunately, this pop culture documentary (about the resurgence of 1950s' music and fashion trends today) certainly left a whole lot to be desired. Personally speaking - I found that the "Kats & Kittens" taking part in this American subculture revival to be way out of touch with reality for my liking. IMO - It was all "in-your-face" fanaticism here that clearly involved lots of very serious drug-taking by its extremist participants. I mean - Let's face it - The eccentric people presented in this documentary were all desperately crying for attention and the only way that they knew how to get the attention of others was by making the most absurd fashion statements imaginable and not by doing anything that involved mature intelligence.

Reviewed by larrys3 7 / 10 / 10

1950's Time Capsule

This documentary focuses on the subculture of rockabilly music and its very avid enthusiasts. Most of the film appears to have been shot at the annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, held at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Rockabilly music emerged in the early to mid 1950's, and is often described as a combination of country music and blues. As one rockabilly musician states the Vegas get-together is a "nostalgic salute to a quaint slice of Americana and how it's like being trapped in a 1950's time capsule". The heart of the documentary is really the love of the genre by its enthusiasts, where they can feel the unconditional acceptance of their peers. They thrive in the rockabilly culture of music, classic cars, pin-up modeling, nostalgic hair styles, and tattoos. All in all, this documentary, directed by Brent Huff, meanders at times but I enjoyed the trip down memory lane and the heartfelt love of rockabilly by its fans.

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