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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stanlee107 3 / 10 / 10

Moves like Jaeger

Omg this is a film feels as though it was written for teenagers by teenagers. It is unintentionally humourous in that the viewer is expected to believe a skinny teenager slightly older/ edgier version of spy kids is able to take on villians as John Wick does & throws men 2-3 times his size around like a rag doll. I just do not get it. I would recommend you watch this ironically.

Reviewed by ejl2179 6 / 10 / 10

To call this garbage, would insult garbage.

Glad to see cast and crew giving 10s. Cobb, Callender, etc. Did you actually watch the movie you were in? Because you sound like Mom's saying their kid is best when they are absolutely atrocious. I made movies like this in Middle School. With a camcorder we bought at Goodwill and my friends as actors. Except mine had a plot.

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 6 / 10 / 10

An honest and true review from a real critic

Of the current four reviews, let's start off by saying thanks for trying - to the two actors who gave this film the 10/10 reviews. At least don't use your real names next time lol. Then we have the other two 1/10 wannabe critic reviewers who I guess don't know any other rating system besides 1's and 10's. This film is certainly not a 1, nor a 10. What we have here is a very young (20 yo) actor, Reid Miller, making his first (almost) full length feature film debut as writer, director, producer, AND also stars in this film. Can't say I've heard of anyone else his age wearing so many hats as a new filmmaker. So to compare and rate this film next to seasoned filmmakers' big budget Hollywood productions, just isn't fair. After all, new filmmakers have to start somewhere, right? Having said that, I've seen some recent B-grade films with higher budgets put together by known actors and seasoned filmmakers - that were just terrible with zero redeeming qualities. This low budget (I'm assuming indie) film was decently directed with excellent camera angles and shots. The score was impressively fitting and in-line with the film - unlike most B films with a loud, annoyingly overbearing and unfitting score. The acting was ok for a B film, some better than others, but I'm sure some of that has to do with Millers lack of experience in directing cast members. Millers fight/action scenes were actually well choreographed and technical, but very unconvincing comparing his size and age to the much bigger and old (and many) bad guys. This brings me to the story - again having such young and small guys (the two brothers) running with the big boys, is really far fetched. Aside from some obvious plot and technical issues, the entire story felt like something a teenaged high-schooler would dream up and fantasize after playing some action games on his Xbox. It was just too far fetched. But then again, Miller just crossed the line being a teenager, so I get it lol. Then add that this story was nothing new, and has been done many times before. The 40 min runtime and decent pacing were just right, although the ending felt a little rushed and could've used an extra 15 mins or so to expand on the ending. Nevertheless, I did see it to the end, it held my curiosity, and had some decent action and suspense. So considering the age and inexperience of this upcoming filmmaker, it's a well deserved and honest 6/10 from me. To see my rating and review system, as well as my 1000+ reviews, simply click on my username.

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