Jailbreak Pact

Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 7 / 10 / 10

you can eat this...

And bite the dust later, because the claustrophobia reall took hold on me. its a jailbreakdrama, folloming the generics og the genre, and i suppose it has to be so, because everybody knows what happens and therefore nothing really new for others to copy. its sweat and there a stamina, like a workoutscheme toward the olympic games, the actors do a fine job and some of the filmographic standards are pretty high. not too steady editing, but with music that gives the real feel, and a plot that i think filled the playtime very sufficently. well, a prison made of bricks cant block real daredevils , and a low staff numvber its even more defensless, so with patience my friend everything goes well. an ok film...

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 8 / 10 / 10

Another great prison break film and a symbolic victory over the fascist regime. "Libertad" what an amazing n captivating song by Ana Tijoux.

Political prisoners plan a great escape from a prison run by fascists under the dictatorship of the piggy Pinochet. As a fan of movies based on prison escape, i enjoyed this immensely. Generous with a 10. Simple. Aint no wannabe critic. The film has sufficient tension n suspense throughout. The acting, editing n direction is in top form. Another good aspect is the soundtrack. The English translated lyrics is very uplifting. A solid tale of hope, freedom n a true symbolic victory over the fascist regime. Fans of Le Trou, A Man Escaped, The Great Escape, Escape from Pretoria, Escape from Alcatraz, etc will definitely enjoy this film.

Reviewed by alevica 8 / 10 / 10

Very good movie

What a good movie #PactoDeFuga of the best that will be seen this year. A film that was scheduled to premiere for 10/2019 but with everything that happened in Chile, it had to be delayed and it seems that it is made for the country today. The stories are so well told, the dialogues are assertive and do not feel like a performance (which despite being obvious is appreciated) the last third of the film has you with the soul in a thread, because despite being based on a real fact (YES, THIS IF I PASS IN CHILE) in the same way, the narrative used is very tense. It is a Chilean film that does not seem Chilean, despite being a Chilean story. It can be a story from anywhere in the world where a dictatorship was lived or lived and that makes it universal. Separate and fundamental point, the performances (there were some problems, mainly with certain extras, but hey ...) they are great, Vicuña does not look like that ordeal that is tried to make the humorous, and really that it is graced, the rest of the cast 100 points, (Farias always great) Finally, the soundtrack, where the 80's classics could obviously not be missing, but the best thing is that for the main theme they chose Ana Tijoux, that is, if everything went well, when one hears his voice, it is an energetic burden huge. The truth is a movie that must be seen.

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