Jane Doe: How to Fire Your Boss


Crime / Mystery

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Erin Gray as Judge Ariel Harper
Jessy Schram as Julia Miller
Lea Thompson as Evelyn Reynolds
Mark Holton as Chubby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10 / 10

mildly entertaining

The Jane Doe series on Hallmark Channel is my favorite of the group of shows that were introduced some time ago, McBride and Mystery Woman being the other two. Jane Doe has the nice Scarecrow and Mrs. King contrast of the housewife working as a government operative and somehow seems a little livelier than the other two. It also has Joe Penny, who has always been able to bring material up a notch. Lea Thompson is Cathy Davis, the Jane Doe of the title, and William Moses is her husband. With their two beautiful children, they look like an idyllic all-American family. In this episode, operatives are killing their bosses and can't remember doing it afterward. Cathy and Frank (Penny) investigate an old CIA program that did the Manchurian Candidate number with the keyword. Manchurian Candidate, Scarecrow and Mrs. King - it's all pretty routine stuff, but if you have nothing better to do, these shows are pleasant enough. None of the Hallmark series move very quickly, and they all suffer from poor pacing. Thompson is still pretty and perky, and the show utilizes some of the once-familiar stars. This time it's Erin Gray as a rival of Cathy's and Monk's psychiatrist, Stanley Kamel, as a mind-control teacher. I wish Penny could be doing something more substantial, and Thompson, too, for that matter. Until then, "Jane Doe" will have to do.

Reviewed by herbqedi 3 / 10 / 10

Superior entry in the Jane Doe series boasts superior supporting cast and a few unforeseen twists

There are plenty of plot twists and fine performances by supporting characters to go around in this 2007 entry in Hallmark's Jane Doe Mystery series. The result is a very enjoyable 84 minutes. For those not familiar with the CSA agent whose cover is working for a puzzle company while being wife and mother of the typical American family, the agency intrigue here is much more multi-layered and provides a much broader spectrum of performances than in previous entries. Joe Penny, Scott Paulin, Erin Gray, Shashawnee Hall, Caroline WIlliams, and Steve Vinovich all provide solid characterizations with signature quirks in their roles in the mystery. THe extraordinary performances are added by the late Stanley Kamel whose misuse of a CSA protocol was a highlight of the film for me and Richard Libertini as the old scientist abandoned to live like a crazy man in the desert. The other interesting part here is the acting of the actor who played the son, relatively undistinguished in the earlier entries. Here, he gets something to do with a subplot on an unconventional and somewhat unethical way of making money and how he handles it in a way that is parents can live with. The fellow playing the corrupt developer is also quite good in giving his own signature to a hackneyed and stereotyped caricature. Overall, of course, we're talking about a TV murder mystery. The only reason we call it a movie instead of an episode of a TV series is that it happens to be longer than an hour. All that said, How TO FIre Your Boss is more novel, more interesting, and more amusing than most such entries.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10 / 10

Kill On Command

If you can accept the idea of a soccer mom/secret agent as we did in The Scarecrow and Mrs. King than this series shouldn't be too bad. But this particular film where we've got one group of CIA agents who were doing their Black Ops thing while under some hypnosis and another group of them who at the utterance of a control word start killing the ones who had been in Afghanistan than you'll accept anything. This is the particular mystery that our soccer mom agent Lea Thompson is asked to unravel. It hits close to home when her partner starts having Afghan flashbacks and another agent tries to shoot him as well. Of course Lea solves the case and goes back to the burbs and her husband William R. Moses and his more ordinary problems involving their town council. Lea's character is most engaging and I confess this is the first I saw of her series of films as agent Jane Doe. I do hope the others are better.

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