Jerry Before Seinfeld

Comedy / Documentary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeremy_Urquhart 7 / 10 / 10

Nothing amazing, but still a nice and amusing way to spend an hour

Jerry Seinfeld's clearly a pro comes when it comes to comedy, and even if he's telling jokes that aren't among his strongest or best, I still find them entertaining (as is the case here). Most of Jerry Before Seinfeld shows Jerry telling jokes from throughout his career, while small sections where he reflects on his past and his beginnings in comedy are interspersed throughout his routine. This special is a little on the short side, and likely won't blow anyone's expectations, but fans of Jerry Seinfeld will likely get something out of it. Most jokes worked for me personally, even if nothing really proved to be 'laugh out loud' funny. There were only a couple of parts that I thought misfired. There's a short section where two of Jerry's friends reminisce with him about doing comedy in the 1970s, which felt a little awkward and forced, and then another part shortly after, where somebody in the audience calls out something related to baseball, which Jerry then springboards off and begins a lengthy joke about sports teams. If this was intended to feel spontaneous or unscripted, it didn't really. Still, I can't be too negative about watching this, because it was enjoyable enough and, like I said, most of it worked fairly well. Also, I've always admired Jerry Seinfeld's ability to be funny without being raunchy or swearing a whole lot, even though I personally don't really have a problem with bad language in comedy (if I did, there wouldn't be too many comedians I could listen to!) I guess his relatively clean comedy serves as a nice change of pace, and maybe even adds to the casual, relaxed feeling of a comedy special such as this one.

Reviewed by cathylr 7 / 10 / 10

A plaisant catch-up

As an old fan of the series Seinfeld, it was nice to see the comedian again, speak about his first steps. However, as a former fan, I couldn´t help but notice that most of the jokes he is referring to were already in the show. So I am not sure whether the targetted audience is the former Seinfeld fans and to play on the nostalgic part, or the new generation that may never have heard of him and may want to discover his works. This being said, Jerry Seinfeld is still a great comedian who still shows the same enthousiasm as in the past and caught me into in his monologues with pleasure. I just wished there had been more new materials.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 7 / 10 / 10

"We grew up like wild dogs in The Sixties!"

Not much love on this board for this Jerry Seinfeld Netflix special. To be honest, I haven't seen any of his prior stand-up specials, so there's no comparison I can make. I thought 'Seinfeld', the TV show was a blast once it got beyond the first season. After that I became a regular viewer. This routine takes place at 'The Comic Strip', the New York City club where Jerry got his start in 1976, working for hamburgers and loving every minute of it. His observations about every day life contain humor because the stuff he zeroes in on is so mundane yet so true to one's personal experience. I'd have to agree with other posters though, this was somewhat of a low energy show, and it didn't feel like a whole lot 'new' was presented here. But hey, it's Jerry Seinfeld, and if you've had all you can take of the screamers and vulgar mouthed 'comedians' working today, this special is passable enough to while away an hour or so. You could do worse with your time.

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