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Dominic Rains as Fedayeen Officer
Ray Park as Mac
Serinda Swan as Maggie
William Atherton as Cortland 'Cort' van Owen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kamran Saeed 10 / 10 / 10

when Jin 2 movie will release

This is a great movie I like it and request you Ajmal Zaheer please make 2nd part of this movie as soon as possible. I saw it and get some knowledge. In the whole world there is no other person which make such a movie. You should keep working another part of this movie. Your movie shows a great story.

Reviewed by tin-borgman 1 / 10 / 10

Fun & Interesting

Don't listen to the naysayers. Most of them are probably anti-Muslim and don't want the Muslim director and writer to be successful with this independent effort. Yes, it is very much like a television series pilot movie. And what's wrong with that? We all like TV even when we pretend otherwise. Good TV shows are hard to find. If this had been successful, it would have been closely like Supernatural, only more serious instead of campy cute guys one-lining their way through disasters. Jinn, or Djinn, have an interesting history in our ancient literature, and not just from Muslim sources, although I believe it may have started from there. Ancient Hebrew also have literature regarding the Jinn. If you watched Noah with Russell Crowe, you would have seen a major reference to the Jinn. It is, indeed, a part of our ancient stories of our beginnings which has been forgotten. True? I dunno. But definitely fun. Too bad so many stinkers had to rate this as if it should have been a blockbuster film instead of a really good potential TV series. Some folks are real wet blankets. Watch it, rate it, and maybe someone in power will decide to give it a go.

Reviewed by Monroone 1 / 10 / 10

It's already on Netflix, that says a lot.

This is a movie to play when nothing else is on Sunday TV. It drags and drags. The main character is a dork and slow to learn, relies on his good looks to spice up the screen, and so clumsy. The storyline was the worst screen to screen performance I've ever seen. I'm not a major movie watcher and can be satisfied watching commercials, but this one was worse than an infomercial. I can only think that this was a pet project by a student or a spoiled rich kid. The only parts that I liked was the black smoke reeking from the jinn while he was floating and the glowing eyes from a "good guy". The rest of the movie is sketchy and lacks smooth transitions that mean something in movie land because we are not there. Viewers need these things to stay on course. I'll never watch a movie ignoring the Netflix ratings and thankfully I didn't read the crazy maxed out stars on here because I would have been truly annoyed at how misleading they are. Ten thousand stars just to balance out the lower stars??? Where does this justify in movie land? Thank God these folks don't have real lives and watch these horrible movies instead of voting for Oscar nominees, etc.

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