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Reviewed by Barney_Beers1947 10 / 10 / 10

Is DVD available?

This is Mrs. Sheila Beers, writing with the permission of Barney Beers. I saw this movie on a black and white television as a child about 45-50 years ago, and I only can imagine how much better it is in color. However, through missionaries I had heard of the fierce Jivaro Indians, and I found "Jivaro" a compelling story. I still believe the film is much more than an adventure-romance story and that it has more to offer than viewers of the 1950s realized. Now that there is so much interest in saving the Brazilian rain forest, I believe "Jivaro" is even more relevant today. The theme is timeless, being the clash between primitive cultures and the modern world. Since New World exploration in the 1500s, the Jivaro Indians of South America were known as headhunters and cannibals, but a lesser known fact is that South America's richest gold deposits were (and still are) located in Jivaro territory. Although Brazil was settled by the Portuguese, the Spanish who settled Peru, Ecuador, and other countries that border Brazil, soon learned of the Jivaro's treasure and wanted the gold to defeat Protestantism in Europe. In spite of their primitive nature, the Jivaros (like other primitive tribes of South America) knew how to mine gold and refine it. Through their reputation as fierce headhunters and cannibals, the Jivaros protected their wealth. In the late 1500s the Spanish dared to build the city of Logrono, population 25,000, on the border of Brazil. The city provided housing for miners, settler families, and administrators who wanted to send the gold to Spain. Wanting to deflect the invaders, the Jivaros, armed only with spears and possibly blow guns and clubs, wiped out the city in 1599. They killed everyone but the young women they could assimilate into their tribe for breeding. The city, built mostly of wood, was burned to the ground and mostly absorbed by the jungle. For centuries afterward the Jivaros killed any Europeans or Americans who encroached on their territory. When the Jivaros eventually were Christianized in the late 20th century, missionaries noted some members of the tribe had lighter complexions and more body hair, attesting to their descent from the Spanish women taken from Logrono. Because of this fascinating piece of Brazilian history, I would like to see "Jivaro" made available on DVD. By seeing the movie, people could learn more about South Americam cultures and relate the story to current issues about the rain forest.

Reviewed by Stereo3dguy 10 / 10 / 10

Fun jungle adventure, shot in 3-D

Cheesy in the extreme, this one is a lot of fun. Lon Chaney, Jr (The Wolfman) is in a supporting role. Rhonda Fleming's third 3-D movie and Fernando Lamas' second. By the time this one was released, the 3-D boom was over so it was shown flat. However,you can glimpse some 3-D clips in the IMAX 3-D film ENCOUNTER IN THE THIRD DIMENSION, which is available on DVD. In September 2006, the 3-D version made its public debut (53 years after it was made!) at the World 3-D Film Expo II. It's even more fun in the intended 3-D form. The restored print was quite nice and it is wonderful that this film can be seen in the stereoscopic version as shot.

Reviewed by mmcgee282 10 / 10 / 10

Another good 3d classic from late 53 -54

I read a review ,before I finally saw the 3D movie, the reviewer claimed that in spite of the D.T.S sound,the sound stayed in the middle speaker. How ignorant this movie was recorded for mono ,it was never stereo.The archive did not convert it to stereo.Sure the sound was a bit screechy,but it probably was that way due to how it was recorded or the age of the track.It seems in this picture they were promoting Fernando Lamas as a sexy hunk in this film ,obviously to get the straight female crowd.It could have been unintentional because it was suppose to take place in South America and it was shot at paramount , so , the film makers decided to portray him as having to keep his shirt half open too off to portray him being affected by the heat.The only mistake wasn't to show a little water on him to portrayed sweat.He's owning a bar out of no where in kind of a tourist trap in south America and you see all these visitor as if this was a great vacation place,really. This was Rhonda's third 3D.In this film she portrays her age,rather than an older teenager that she played in Those Redheads of Seattle.It looks as if her character was going down there on a promise from her fiance,for letter she got from him ,that he wanted to marry her and he now has a plantation,but in her expression she might be putting on. Richard Denning plays a secondary role as Rhonda 's fiance,who went down there to make money so he can get married to Rhonda,but, gets persuaded to quit his job and search for gold.This was his first appearance in 3D and the only one in color,mono pack Technicolor.His role is a bit shorter than it was in the creature from the black lagoon.The set were rather rather realistic.There were plans by Pine and Thomas to actually shoot in the Amazon,but,they changed their minds .Rita Moreno plays one of the Indian girls in the small tourist trap village in the Amazons,who is a Mistress or girl friend of Richard Dennings,who resents Rhonda when she found out that Rhonda is his fiance.When Rhonda finds out about her ,Rita, she acts nonchalant about it .It looks like Rhonda is out in the amazon more than just coming down there to marry him. Fernando Lamas also has a secret for the reason why he is in the amazon,in his boat there a picture of a women he seems to worship.You don't find out what this women was to him ,until later.There is the traditional throwing things at the camera ,but it's in connection to the story that it does not look abnormal.Like the scene which Fern is showing cloth material to the tribe leader,played by Marvin miller.The offering to Fern a shrunken head was very effective in 3D.I did not see Kay Johnson in the film,did they cut her out? she couldn't of played Rita Moreno's friend ,that woman was too young.I wasn't aware until recently that Brian Kieth was Robert Kieth,who appeared in many Samuel Goldwyn productions, son.He also played one of the hunky macho workers in the Amazons,not Amazon.com.He tries to seduce Rhonda by tricking her to go with him to the work camp ,lying to her that she would see Denning's plantation.He tries to rape her until Fernando comes to the rescue .This certainly was opposite of what Brian would play in the ,"The parent Trap,or t.v. show ,"Family affair ", but then he was not a goody two shoe actor.This was one of the few 3D films that had use of movement in the inter axial in ordered that different lens could be use in various close up and distance shots .Normally the inter axial was preset in making 3d film.Good Romance, hunks ,glamorous heroins all in 3D and premiered on home video Blu- Ray for the first time since the Hollywood 3d film festival in 2007, at the Egyptian.For the first time in it's wide screen perspective too.When it was released theater originally it was flat .Thank goodness for Bob Fermanek! 03/22/19

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