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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by porgiamor 10 / 10 / 10

Can't wait for more

Clearly Jobriath was ahead of his time and he influenced so many artists (Scissor Sisters, Morrissey, Def Leppard, Pet Shop Boys) after his death. This beautiful documentary captures the tumultuous times he shared with Jerry Brandt, and if what Jerry prophesied in the movie was true, then the public will see a Jobriath musical, book, movie, etc. Personally I cannot wait to see more of what comes of this 1st chapter of the resurrection of Jobraith into the mainstream. Unfortunately I saw this movie at The Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto, and it was not well attended. I was disappointed to see so few in the audience. Jobriath: A tragic life that left a powerful and controversial artistic legacy. A beautiful testament to an artistic ideal and the spectre of commercial greed existing amidst a sea of influential power brokers and conservative media in the rock music scene of the 1970's. Jobriath's battle for fame and artistic acceptance was too great for him and Jerry Brandt to win over. The forces of homophobia in the 1970's by the media critics and negative attitude of record companies was too great to overcome. This movie touched my heart, punched me in the guts and grabbed my balls. And made my spirit soar.

Reviewed by GormanBechard 7 / 10 / 10

Well-made Documentary. Worth watching!

Would I have ever listened to Jobriath's music? Probably not. But that said, I caught this film at the always amazing NXNE festival in Toronto this past weekend, and must say it was probably the best rock doc I've seen on the fest circuit since Last Days Here. Well made, perfectly structured, edited by someone who actually knows how to tell a story (unlike about half the rock docs out there), with excellent vintage footage as well as solid interviews, this is a fascinating tale of talent and ego run wild. The synopsis tells you what it's about. I'm here to tell you take the time to watch it. Even if you'd also never buy one of his records, it's a very good film about a hauntingly tragic story.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 7 / 10 / 10

A declaration of true self unheard by the masses...

Kieran Turner's fascinating documentary of doomed early 1970s glam-rock singer Jobriath, arguably the first openly-gay celebrity in post-Stonewall America. Several years before Elton John admitted in a print interview that he was bisexual, Jobriath released two non-charting albums before slowly, painfully realizing the country wasn't ready for an in-your-face effeminate rock star. Born Bruce Wayne Campbell in Philadelphia in 1946, the gifted young man from a broken home began to paint and write music at an early age. A featured performer in the L.A. touring company of "Hair", the self-christened Jobriath Boone eventually came in contact with music manager Jerry Brandt, a maestro of hype with money and connections (and a yearning for celebrity himself), who entered into a 50-50 split with the singer (patterned after Elvis' pact with Colonel Tom Parker). Jobriath wrote and recorded his songs for Elektra while Brandt saturated east coast media with publicity on the heretofore unknown singer, a plan that backfired when the public turned out to be completely indifferent to Jobriath's complicated musical arrangements and Ziggy Stardust-like persona. Looking back, maybe all Jobriath needed in these early stages was a hit single. Unfortunately, his records, in a glam rock-meets-opera groove, weren't catchy or commercial. This story of a desire for fame in the modern age, narrated by Henry Rollins and featuring a host of interviews from people who were there, turns out to be a paint-by-numbers free fall to Earth, but an intriguing and devastating one. Jobriath was ahead of his time, certainly...and yet one wonders, will the times ever catch up with Jobriath? *** from ****

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