Joe and Max


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David Paymer as Mr. Finkelstein
Peta Wilson as Dianne / Dee Dee Martin
Til Schweiger as Axel Feldheim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by speechmasters 10 / 10 / 10

Well-crafted and underrated

I was surprised at the low overall rating this movie got. It won a Best Editing award, and the fine photography, editing, and one of the best jobs of musical scoring I have ever heard, alone, make it very watchable. Shot mostly on location in Berlin, check out the production design. Better than many feature films completed on ten times the budget. The interiors and exteriors of Harlem nightclubs and Third Reich headquarters never looked more accurate or better lit. I agree that there is some mis-casting, and while the acting isn't Oscar caliber, it isn't bad either. As far as being a movie for boxing fans only--no. I have no interest whatsoever in sports, and found the story compelling. The wider influence that sports has on society is an interesting context. Max Snelling getting big corporate sponsorship just months after honing a reputation as one of the worlds most hated personas--brings to mind parallels in todays celebrity-driven scene.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 8 / 10 / 10

The movie narrates the historical boxing confrontation between Joe Louis and Max Schmeling

The film is correctly based on true events, it concerns about Joe Louis(Leonard Roberts),the American Brown Bomber and Max Schmeling(Til Schweiger),the strongest man in Germany.Joe Louis was United States' most successful heavyweight boxer and champion of the world until his defeat by Rocky Marciano with led to downfall,his wife((Siena Gaines) separation and towards the end of his life.Most experts had predicted that the black boxer would have no trouble with the aging German.Schmeling was the only German to hold the heavyweight championship of the world .His victory over Joe Louis in N.Y. in the summer of 1936 was greeted with an explosion of joy in the Third Reich.Nazi propagandists ,however, insisted that regarded as the strongest on earth could not be beaten by a Negro.Both Hitler(Rolf Kaines) and Joseph Goebbels(Wilfried Hoch),Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda sent Schleming telegrams of congratulations.An extraordinary welcome was arranged for the German Boxer on his return home.From that point he became a display figure for Nazi propagandists, who hailed his victory as a triumph for the Nordic race over inferior black athletes.But German boxing fans were crushed when was received that in a return bout on June 22,1938,the engagement was arranged at Yankee stadium.In this grudge combat Louis hurled himself at the German with unrestrained fury.Louis gave him a fearful beating in the second shortest fight heavyweight history.The consternation was matched by another disappointment when it was revealed that Annie Ondra(Peta Wilson),the tall,big-boned,blond German woman and besides a famous actress,who was regarded as the ideal specimen of Aryan womanhood,was actually Jewish.Later Schmeling recruited in the German Army.On May 20,1941 ,he was one of the parachutists who jumped from transport planes to occupy Crete in a brilliant assault.From 1957 on he was the owner of an American Coca Cola franchise and retained his popularity as a great sports figure in both USA and Germany. The picture has a magnificent acting by all the cast and especially the duo protagonist(Roberts and Schweiger).Atmospheric music by Jeff Beal and excellent cinematography by Bill Butler.The motion picture is well directed by Steve James. Rating: Notable and well worth watching.

Reviewed by newbs_thats_me 8 / 10 / 10

Not just for boxing fans!

This is an excellent film that deals with historical issues throughout the war years as well as the lives of these two great sports men. It also portrays the themes of love, friendship and triumph over adversity- not just the boxing matches! I really enjoyed it so the statement that its just for boxing fans is completely irrelevant. The story itself is very emotional. it really draws you into the plot and forces you to empathise with the characters as they live through the injustices of the second world war and also face such issues as racism and a stereotypical view of people at the time. I also really loved the fact that it remains historically correct when it examines the lives of both Max Schmeling and Joe Lewis. I'm sure there is a certain degree of sensationalising done for the film but it pretty much retells an accurate story. Overall a great film.

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