Johnny English Reborn

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Reviewed by Dinosaw 7 / 10 / 10

Better than the recent comedies!

For those sick of the recent high school/teen comedies and rom-coms we're bashed with these days, this film will be a breath of fresh air for you. Sure, the film has some rehashed comedic scenes, but a lot of the humour is pure laugh-out-loud type layered on very good bits of suspense and chase scenes. I really loved the well-choreographed chase scenes and the climactic battle, which was something the first film lacked. The first film made me laugh so much back then and I've watched it a lot of times since 2003. Watching it now as I'm older, I thought its plot was too formulaic and the characters, beside Malkovich, were weak and bland. This film, however, had a great damn cast and a well written overall story. I liked how it had more darker elements than the first one - the violence, the suspense and the chase scenes were thorough, whereas in the first film everything seemed light and slapstick-ish, even the villains. The villains in this were top-notch and serious. This film began a little unfunny and was been-there-done-that with its humour, but around 15 minutes later good humour started to kick in. The funny scenes in this film were pretty infrequent and laugh out loud type, while the funny scenes in the first film were more chuckle type and frequent. But I still prefer the humour in this one. Rowan Atkinson was still excellent with his humour, and I doubted that because I thought he lost his magic because of his awful Bean 2 film. The film had scenes were I laughed so much. I really loved those classic Rowan Atkinson situations and his witty lines. The fight scenes were awesome and I loved how they made them humorous at the same time. The climactic scene in the mountains was just epic. What I loved about this film is that it mixed suspense and comedy at the same time, and that was awesomely done. The music composer must be commended for a rousing score, frequently referencing the Johnny English Theme, particularly during the splendid opening titles sequence. The cast is solid, particularly Rosamund Pike.

Reviewed by nikolozgvenetadze 10 / 10 / 10

really loved it

I love johnny english <3 it's my favourite all time movie <3 second one is definitely better than the first one :) First one is great as well but reborn is way better, because it has completely different stories and full with actions <3 I can't wait to watch Johnny English 3 <3

Reviewed by Adibiwikitiki AA 10 / 10 / 10

Hope there's gonna be more

Loved all the movies by Rowan Atkinson. I hope he's gonna be back with more.

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