Johnny in the Clouds

Drama / Romance / War

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David Tomlinson as Quadrant
Jean Simmons as A Singer
Stanley Holloway as Vincent Crummles
Trevor Howard as Captain Peter Churchill / Raoul
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by russell_brown 10 / 10 / 10

A film that deserves to be better known

Curiously enough, I first came across this film in Halliwell's Film Guide. Idly leafing through the pages, I came across this comment: "..One of the few films which instantly bring back the atmosphere of the war in Britain for anyone who was involved." While the Second World War ended many years before I was born, it sounded interesting and I made a mental note that it might be a good film to watch if ever I had the chance. Months later, I was looking through my local tv guide in the list of movies that were on. I noticed "The Way to the Stars", and some little bell in the recesses of my memory began to toll. I looked up the movie in my film guide -- and decided that I had to see it. As it turned out, that was a very happy decision. Others of the Second World War generation might be able to identify with the people and the setting of the film. I cannot, but I loved this movie for all the other reasons -- it really is a wonderful movie, a sad (and heroic) story of people during the war. Critics might provide an analysis of plot, characterisation etc, as a reason why it's such a good movie. I won't bother. I'll merely give this summary: It's one of my favourite films, it deserves to be better known, and you should see it if you get the chance.

Reviewed by ambrosechris 9 / 10 / 10

A very rare war film

This film is possibly my favorite film. Having seen it late at night on the ABC (Australian) I waited a year reading the television guide regularly until it was on again and taped it. I have since bought it on DVD. This is a brilliant look at the airmen based in Britain during WWII. It doesn't glorify the war or show one bomb dropping over Germany, but it glorifies the Men and Women who lived the times and suffered the war in a time when the fate of the world was uncertain. Touching and truthful. The cast are amazing and the script has a sense of humor which has long been associated with Britain in war times. the relationship between the English and Americans is at times funny when it comes to cultural differences, but as today the two countries stood together.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 9 / 10 / 10

Simple and effective

This film was a tribute to the British and American bomber pilots who risked so much during WWII. While it is relatively simple in style, it was a lovely and effective film showing the human side of war. As the movie begins, it is just the British against the Germans in 1940 and a new pilot, John Mills, arrives at the airfield. Old hands, such as the Commander (Trevor Howard) and Michael Redgrave welcome the rookie and the climate is pretty grim. The film then jumps two years and it's 1942--American bomber crews are arriving and excited about getting into the action. A bit later, the film then jumps to 1944--as the war is nearing the end. While this is a film about bomber crews, no shots of the crews on missions are used and most of the action takes place at a pub next to the base. Here, the crew members unwind and you learn about them as their characters slowly reveal themselves. What I particularly liked is that there were no bigger than life heroes here--just decent men who bravely did their jobs and tried to maintain their sanity through it all. Because of this, the performances were generally understated and realistic--like we are peering through a window into the past. Also, and I don't want to reveal any specifics, I liked how many of the main characters died through the course of the film--heightening both the realism and reminding us just how high the cost was for freedom. Exceptional acting, writing and direction make this one of the better war films of the era and in many ways is like an aerial version of IN WHICH WE SERVE. Superb.

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