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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GuineaPig 7 / 10 / 10

Engaging story

An unsuccessful journalist follows a lead to a murder. Soon after, he finds himself struggling to control the storm he unleashed with his story until fiction and reality intermingle beyond what the viewer would have first imagined. Well made movie with very good acting and that keeps you engaged until the end. It still somehow felt weaker than other similar Korean films like Memories of Murder or The Chaser though. The message behind the story is about how fiction and reality come together thanks to a web of lies that start from selfish grounds but that ultimately serve a purpose for many of the people involved. It tells how people care little about the truth or will simply ignore it when this one doesn't serve them or because lies and deceit can be the vehicle for survival in a world where it's often difficult to realize what's really going on. There's an important message there that somehow leaves you a bit pessimistic but with an optimist twist in the end when you realize that this web of lies can also work to spread happiness and, in a way, for many people, that's the only truth that really matters in the end.

Reviewed by xiubaek / 10

A waste of time

It's confusing since the beginning. Poor linking between the story parts, weak acting skills, the ending is so bad. WASTE OF TIME.

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