K-9: P.I.


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xredgarnetx 6 / 10 / 10


Dooley (Jim Belushi) and his canine partner Jerry Lee are back for a third go-round in K9:PI. This time, they are battling thieves over some stolen computer chips in a plot so thin, it makes Belushi look extra fat. Also, Belushi is now retired from the police force and working as a private investigator, hence the title. The excitement and action and comedy of the first movie are long gone, replaced by endless flatulence and poo jokes. K9:PI is passable, but barely. The first half, about the chip robbery and Dooley accidentally getting involved, is more entertaining than the second half, during which Dooley "pimps" Jerry Lee in order to make some money when he finds his pension temporarily frozen. As this subplot drags on and on, the action really dies and barely picks up in time for the end. And I wasn't kidding about Belushi being out of shape in this. He looks terrible.

Reviewed by fiera121 4 / 10 / 10

Truly funny, even if the plot is full of holes.

This film had me laughing out loud. No, it's not one of the all-time great dramas. In fact, the plot is weak, juvenile, and full of holes -- almost a parody of a real cop movie. But none of that matters because it's hysterical! Run to your local video store now, and rent it!

Reviewed by callanvass 4 / 10 / 10

A really lazy sequel that doesn't offer much in the way of entertainment

Det. Mike Dooley and his lovable companion (K-9) retire from the force. After a great party, Dooley notices some suspicious activity nearby, getting involved in a federal investigation accidentally. Dooley sets up his own P.I business to solve the mystery, when a mysterious woman asks for his help, regarding the disappearance of her husband. The first movie was innocuous for what it was. Even the second sequel had a little bit of merit to it, though a sequel was pushing it. The premise is a one-trick pony, one that shouldn't have had two STV sequels. James Belushi had fame in the late 80's, early 90's, a hit TV show called "According to Jim" . This movie is desperate for laughs, resorting to cheap gags with flatulence and poop. None of it works, except for one admittedly amusing scene where Dooley's dog is having trouble going to the bathroom. Dooley uses beans, cabbage, prunes, curry powder, wieners, and mineral oil to use as a mix for pizza. If that's not enough, there is plenty of failed comedy with dog auditions. The biggest problem with this movie is the lack of an interesting plot or any intriguing characters. This movie relies heavily on Belushi, and he's not up to the daunting task. His clown routine doesn't do much for the film, nor does Belushi seem all that interested in trying. He's overweight and a bit daft. I've always liked Belushi, but he was terrible in this movie. I'm guessing he needed a quick paycheck. They do a hapless romance that has little care or thought into it as well. Even the dog isn't all that great If you're gonna watch any movie in this pointless trilogy, watch the first movie. This movie wasn't intolerable by any means, but it gave me a big case of the blah's. It's lazy, unfunny, and silly. 4/10

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