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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Seanette 1 / 10 / 10

Wish I could have given it a lower rating

Absolute garbage. The "plot" is incoherent, sound quality is so bad that dialogue is unintelligible, background music choices are bizarre at best [such as in the opening sequence, with several police cars rushing to their destination on a rainy night with lights and sirens, with bright, sprightly, cheerful music playing], the music tends to be so loud that it drowns out dialogue [which is probably a good thing. Judging by the garbled "plot", the "writing" was so bad that a better result could have been achieved by throwing alphabet soup at blank paper] and the "actors" seem to be sleepwalking or to hate the movie about as much as the audience does.

Reviewed by Ax-London 1 / 10 / 10

Delusion beyond a joke....

I've seen better things come out of the rear end of a horse... I love rubbish films but this one is so dire its unwatchable. If there's one thing that ruins it is has to be Richard Driscoll, unfortunately seeing as he wrote, directed, produced and starred in the lead role then there's very little without his 'terrible' input. Just watch the extras making of documentary to see how bemused this guy is, does he really believe all of the garbage he spouts? From the look of his body language I should say not. This film is a blatant rip off of Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal without any of their qualities, Driscoll eludes to this briefly by stating he borrowed a few things in a tongue in cheek manner.. hmmm so he borrowed lines (washed down with a glass of chianti etc), sets (eg poorly copied cell scene), plot (well that's a bit rich as the plot of this movie is unintelligible)... oh and to add the final insult, lets not forget, the horrific acting of Lucien Morgan who attempts to copy Anthony Hopkins acting... It was claimed Morgan was a fantastic theatrical actor, well stick to the stage mate. My only hope is that the fact Driscoll has not been able to finance the sequel (was it a trilogy he claimed?), and has thankfully been off the scene for a long time, means he's realised he has no ability at any of his 'talents'... perhaps, hopefully, he and the Kannibal sound producer are still arguing, at the bottom of a very deep bottle of whisky, over why their talents have not been recognised. It would be sad to note that the highlight of Driscoll's career is the lowlight of everyone else's opinion, however he's not even charismatic enough to warrant ones pity. Its a shame on today's society that such deluded people are allowed to roam so freely.

Reviewed by Scudpipes 1 / 10 / 10

Recollections on an overlooked Klassic

Good old Richard Driscoll, or 'Dick Risk-all' was we like to call him down the job centre, he did such a sterling job writing, producing AND directing this movie, not to mention starring in as well, the lead role no less! I said to him, I said 'Dick, it's a hell of a stress to write, produce, direct AND act in a film - why not make it easy on yourself and the audience, and get someone else to write, produce, direct and act in it. You have a sit down old chap'. He took this in good humour. I then probed him about all the female nudity in the film, his 'tribute' to Thomas Harris, or, as he puts it 'an opera version of Tosca'. 'Well,' Dick-all told me, 'there was no budget for costumes. Lucien had to supply his own'. Indeed, Lucien, Harrison Ford lookalike, one of the foremost theatre actors of his generation, supplied fedora, scarf and monocle for an extraordinary performance as a harried cop chasing a serial killer - remember, this is a good seven years before Fincher's 'Zodiac', and I'll bet Jake Googlegall didn't supply HIS own costume. That's devotion. And this film doesn't so much have an audience, simply devotees. You can tell a 'Kannibal' fan by the fact they are only let out of the home once a week. What more can be said about Kannibal that hasn't already been scrawled in excrement on the toilet walls of the Bellvue Institute for the Deranged? Kheck it out.

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