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Donald Pleasence as Minister Eretz
Gordon Jackson as Vahlin
Michael Caine as Harris Shaw
Trevor Howard as Windwalker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10 / 10

Colorful flick developing events about battle of Culludon with superb cinematography in Tecnicolor and powerful score

This classic story of romantic adventure by Daniel Mann , filmed in location , comes to life enriched by the brilliant photography , as the color of the Scotland's fields is stunning and being freely based on historical events . A good clean fun with a legendary Scottish adventurer against the British army , the Red Coats . In 18th century Scotland , during the Jacobite Rebellion , David Balfour (a feeble Lawrence Douglas) claims his inheritance from his uncle (Donald Pleasence who turns a fine studio of evil) , but he is sold as a slave who has him shanghaied on a ship where David meets fugitive Jacobite rebel , a Highland patriot called Alan Breck (the cockney Michael Caine who gives a lift just when it needs it most ) . Breck is a dash and adventurous rebel who is escaping from Bonnie Prince Charlie's defeat at Culludon . As they getaway from the slave ship and return to battle the British . "Kidnapped" is an amusing adventure movie that certainly hits the mark ; being plenty of action , thrills , colorful cinematography , luxurious costumes and catching score ; all meld together under Delbert Mann's fine direction . Although the story has been told before , tight filmmaking and nice acting win out . Combination of overwhelming battles , and full of villainy , romance , swashbuckler and heroism . This version covers both the novel "Kidnapped" and the first half of its sequel "Catriona¨ . It is a little slow , at times , in the telling , mainly because of the stolid acting of the sad couple playing David and Catriona . As Lawrence Douglas seems a little frail for the adventurous David Balfour and Vivien Heilbron is hardly casting as Catriona Stewart . But Michael Caine is magnificent , though uneasily cast with his cockney accent , he lends the part sufficient swashbuckling gusto to make it work . As Caine play his character with rush and swagger . The support cast is frankly excellent -though many of them were not paid because of cash problems- such as Trevor Howard as Lord Advocate , Donald Pleasence as Ebenezer Balfour , Gordon Jackson as Charles Stewart , Freddie Jones , normally seen in comedy characters , as Cluny and Jack Hawkins who had lost his voice in 1966, was dubbed by Charles Gray . The Scottish Highlands are a treat for your eyes in glamorous Technicolor similarly to recent TV series ¨Outlander¨ . Being luxuriously shot by Paul Beeson , he was also the Director of Photography for the film Kidnapped (1960) . Sensitive as well as thrilling musical score by Roy Budd . The movie was well directed by Delbert Mann (Separate tables, Desire under the Elms, Marty) . However , the film would be a failure and panned by critics , it nowadays is best considered . The flick will appeal to adventures buffs . They are several versions based on Robert Luois Stevenson classic novel , though producers do seem to choose the most unlikely players to perform Stevenson's Alan Breck : the American Warner Baxter , subsequently Australian-raised Peter Finch , then , the Cockney Michael Caine and finally the New Yorker of Italian descent Armand Assante . These are the followings : 1938 produced by Daryl F Zanuck , directed by Alfred Werker with Warner Baxter , Freddie Bartholomew , Arlene Whelan , John Carradine . 1960 a Disney movie by Robert Stevenson with Peter Finch , Jamez MacArthur , Peter O'Toole . 1955 Cable rendition by Ivan Passer with Armand Assante , Brian Blessed , Brian McCardie , Patrick Malahide .

Reviewed by WilliamOfRubruck 10 / 10 / 10

Very Entertaining

I enjoyed this movie very much. It is loosely based on two Robert Louis Stevenson novels, Kidnapped and its sequel Catriona. Those who would religiously stick to the contents of these novels will be disappointed in the adaptation. However, the film has, as it should IMHO, a world and plot of its own. Moreover, the plot is engaging and quite exciting. The film movingly portrays a culture and political cause on the verge of destruction and the politics behind it. To a certain extent, it has to modify the plot of the two novels to effectively do so. Now it might have been nice if we could have heard the Scottish language spoken amongst the Highlanders. This absence makes it harder to portray the cultural conflict which was important both in the period and in the novels. However, we can forgive the film's makers by remembering that such was rarely done in the early 1970s. The plot may not be entirely accurate in detail (the Appin murder, etc), but the portrayal of the Jacobite Rebellion is both very accurate and insightful, surprisingly so for a big-time film. The ending is a terrific and original attempt to convey the thoughts and psychology of a man through the medium of film. All that aside, it is a historical adventure. One either likes that genre or doesn't. If the former, then the chances are you will like this.

Reviewed by joenliz 10 / 10 / 10

This is my most favorite version of "Kinapped"!

This rendition is exceptional and belongs in the movie Library of anyone who loves the classics. Michael Caine makes the movie. As Allen Breck he made the character everything I felt when I read the book. He looks and talks just as I pictured in my mind. Splendid indeed. David Balfou was drab and shy in the story and I found Lawrence Douglas to be just that. I love that this version follows the true chronicle, especially in the beginning and I felt like I was truly along with the characters in every scene. Donald Pleasence played Ebenezer Balfour brilliantly and his scenes with David are true to the original story. No other movie of Kidnapped was the same for me. Captivating as only Robert Louis Stevenson can be.

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