King Arthur

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Graham McTavish as Deglan
Keira Knightley as Sally Alexander
Ray Stevenson as Gigolo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spam_ebay_al 3 / 10 / 10

If only it wasn't for the "history"... :-(

Well, First, the positive. Overall good acting, and not bad as movie, could have got happily twice the stars. So, why did I not give more ? Some elements are correct, e.g. the "tabula" with wax and the stilus (yep, the stylus was not invented with tablet computers :-)), but form a film that at the start pretends to be a true accurate historical reconstruction... Well, another comment made a list of 7 points historically wrong (though making some reference that could itself be disputable, e.g. Picts are in general considered part of the vast Celtic family), in reality, the list can be much longer, but just two examples... The Sarmatians were known for their cavalry, but it was heavy cavalry more similar to the "knights" (though not with the same type of rigid armor) than to what shown in the movies. Also, the "vallum" (by the way, that is the origin of the word "wall" ), to be historically accurate, should have shown the ditches etc. (effectively, a "vallum" was more than just a wall). And while it is true that in ancient time having hostages and tributes including slaves was not unheard of, the mechanism shown in the movie about enlisting in the Roman army is completely wrong. Is Hollywood famous for its historical accuracy (thus is this film really such a bad exception) ? Definitively NOT, and many times it goes straight into "propaganda" - that why some movies use the non committal (lawyer approved ;-)) "inspired by true events" ("inspired"). Again, the problem is that it that pretense at the start to be "THE" historical reconstruction. To enjoy some time, and see a different reinterpretation on the "Arthurian cycle", it's one thing, but do NOT pretend after seeing this movie that you know the story of "true Arthur", or the story or situation of the Europe, the Roman empire, or England in that period, because you will not.

Reviewed by forster-80382 2 / 10 / 10

What is a Movie?

A movie is a fantasy presented to allow an individual the pleasure of escaping the real world for an hour or two and yet her I observe many who have not quite realized that simple fact. There are too many verbose analysts presenting critic level opinions while lacking any credentials. The Movie was very enjoyable, the music score was outstanding. A suggestion go immerse yourself in the presentation and leave your stupid hat at home. IT IS A MOVIE. When I go to a movie I take no baggage, if I enjoy the presentation I am satisfied. Also if you can do better pack your bags and accomplish the challenge, if not your opinions have no merit. I found this movie an enjoyable experience. After all nothing on this planet is perfect, much less poor reviews

Reviewed by Ian 2 / 10 / 10

Embarrassingly Amateurish

(Flash Review) The director amazed me….he managed to squander a massively stellar cast with the pathetic execution of a big budget movie. From the first few scenes, there were blatant lighting continuity problems with different lighting tones, contrast level and intensities. During some big battles with camera angled up, to accentuate battle drama, there was a mix of smoke and heavy clouds and then some shots it was just partially cloudy with blue sky. That lack of quality ran into the script as well with cliché moment after cliché moment which muted any impact the music score had on eliciting emotions from the audience. Onto the plot, King Arthur and his loyal knights are deceived and forced into one last mission to officially receive their freedom papers from the Roman Empire. Will they follow through? If so, how many will survive the final mission? Another abrupt moment was when Keira Knightley's character is rescued from a dungeon and later she unexpectedly goes from being shackled to a highly skilled tribal warrior. Avoid at all costs!

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