Kissing Jessica Stein

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Idina Menzel as Self
Jim J. Bullock as Not-Yet-Out Gay Guy
Jon Hamm as Tom Shaw
Michael Ealy as Derrick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Countess K8 7 / 10 / 10

A charming LGBT flick.

When I first saw this movie back in 2000 something, I was a confused 11 year old who just started noticing that I might be into other girls. It aired on late night TV one day, and I remember seeing the summary for the movie and feeling a sort of tense excitement at the thought there might be actual people like me represented in a movie. So I stayed up and watched the whole thing (way past my bedtime, too) and that experience has never quite left me. I'm still looking for my Helen to this day. The movie explores its subject matter in a clever and humorous way and doesn't feel overly cheesy, despite not differing much from your typical romcom other than the main characters' sexuality. Overall, very charming and worth watching if you're interested in LGBT cinema.

Reviewed by ComedyFan2010 6 / 10 / 10

The kind of romcom we are not too used to

This movie is already over 15 years old and I am surprised I never saw it or heard about it because it was pretty good. It is about a woman that has no luck with men and answers an ad of another woman that she finds interesting. While being straight this starts to develop into a relationship. The acting in the movie is really good. The main characters also wrote it. Surprised not to see much acting on Heather Juergensen's IMDb as she was really good, but I guess she stayed in writing. And it is because of the writing that I liked the movie so much. The dialogues are great. I loved the argument they had when Jessica didn't invite Helen to brother's wedding. The talk Helen had with her gay friends. The conversation Jessica had with her mother. There was a lot of good writing. There are many small characters that are also a delight and adding a lot in the few scenes where they appear. I loved Grandma Esther, and this is the only acting credit of Esther Wurmfeld! Kevin Sussman also made me laugh a lot in his dating scene. The ending doesn't seem to be a typical happy ending but I loved them nonetheless. They break up because after all Jessica isn't gay and sex doesn't work. But they are best friends so this doesn't go away. Helen finds a woman to be happy with and Jessica meets Josh again and now that she found out more about herself and being happy it may even work out. A very creative and outstanding rom com.

Reviewed by DKosty123 6 / 10 / 10

By No Means A Classic -Pleasant

This movie from 2001 is already pretty dated. When you look at 2001 it might have been considered a little edge pushing, but looking at it today with just a little bit of language and very few adult situations, I am not sure this is even an "R" rated film today. The film centers on Jessica Stein, her girlfriend, and her mother. The Actresses - Jennifer Westfeldt, Heather Juergensen, & Tovah Feldshuh play Jessica, Mom Judy, and Girlfiend. Jessica, a woman who can not seem to find the right guy decides to answer a personal ad looking for a Lesbian Relationship. What she finds, to her surprise, is a woman she can fall in love with. Jessica keeps in total denial to herself and is too shy to come out of the closet. She keeps tempting herself until finally one night her own mother arranges to get her and girlfriend into a small bed to experience their first time. For an "R" Rated movie to do it so innocently is the big surprise. It is almost as innocent as the classic Children's Hour of many years prior except this time the women actually do the deed. Jon Hamm is Mad Men is on board as one of many in the cast, but this is really mostly a movie which women get more out of. The men are more or less very stereo type characters here to react to the women's evolving relationship. Judy, Tovah Feldshuh- is an experienced mother in this one, playing the manipulative character like she did in Brewster's Millions many years prior. The subject here, and the plot is can a hot young Jewish girl, and her mother, accept that her daughter is interested in being a Lesbian, and can Jessica come out? The answer is yes, though by the end of the movie, they have broken up and are still friends. The male characters and their reactions all scream stereo types. This is a true definition of a Lesbian Chick Flick. Jesica does appear in character as not just too fussy but also too quirky to actually be anything but a Lebian. She is a driven artist, which makes her someone who does not need a man and children to mess up her true goals in life.

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