Knight and Day

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Cameron Diaz as Carol Faber
Maggie Grace as Alice
Paul Dano as Brian
Viola Davis as Miss Rayleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by isaaccobrien 10 / 10 / 10

Best spy movie

I saw this with a friend. We both loved it. I ended up buying the movie. I love both of the actors in this. And, it has great comedy. If you like action packed comedies, knight and day is perfect for you.

Reviewed by carlin6580-679-396123 7 / 10 / 10

Worth watching

Great blend of action and comedy. I never felt that the humor and the small bit of romance (that they had to throw in to make the relationship between the two protagonists believable) detracted from the action. It seemed that every time I was about to think "when's the next action scene" the movie would stop the thought with a well timed laugh or another action sequence making me never feel like I was waiting for the story or the action to resume. It was also refreshing to see Tom Cruise play a part that wasn't meant to be almost completely emotionally impotent. I've never before seen him play a character where his face actually SHOWED such a full spectrum of emotions. Cameron Diaz also runs a gamut of emotional and psychological states as she progresses from the sheltered, Midwestern blonde who's in way over her head to the semi-savvy (albeit awkward) companion/sidekick of a rogue spy trying to clear his name. I found myself applauding at the end.

Reviewed by amarjunchu 7 / 10 / 10

Good enough if you want more Tom Cruise as a spy!

We have already seen Tom cruise play a spy in a lot of movies and here again he does the same. If you want more of him as a spy then that is exactly what you are gonna get in this one. The movie is not bad and has good comedy, but it's not great either. It is something that you can describe as good enough and thats the only negative aspect that matters because we expect great things from him and his movie. We do not want some just good enough experiences.

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