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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheBarleyGuy 1 / 10 / 10

Further Proof That Eli Roth is Terrible

Holy sh*t do I hate Eli Roth movies. Ever since Hostel and Cabin Fever I've found his films to border on the unwatchable, and yet I watched this one (and fully plan to watch Green Inferno), knowing that I wasn't likely to enjoy them. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, or maybe I just like spreading the Eli Roth is not very good gospel to anyone who will listen. So, what about this one? It's not good, at all. We start the movie having Keanu Reeve's being a "family man" shoved into our faces for an unbearably long time as we take a tour of his house, which is plastered with photos of the family, evidence of children and family is practically wallpaper in this house, and then we see Keanu and his wife have an attempt to have sex interrupted by this extremely loving children who have prepared a cake for father's day, and they all spend a solid 15 minutes of the movie talking about FATHER'S DAY, and LOVING DADDY, AND HOORAY FOR DAD ETC ETC, until you feel like you just might throw up. They also introduce us to the family dog (who somehow makes it to the end) and to a VERY IMPORTANT WORK OF ART THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT (which is smashed with hammers, obviously). So, with that extremely subtle set up, Keanu is left home alone when his family goes on a trip without him (for some reason), and the movie actually starts. This has to be one of Roth's more gutless films, we've grown accustomed to his brutal gore and violence, but this one is surprisingly void of that. Instead, we have one death that is minor and Keanu even makes it all the way to the end, and the girls get no comeuppance either. After having a weird Keanu Reeves threesome, the girls reveal that they are 15 years old and Keanu is now a pedophile, which seems like it might be the bold line that this movie takes, sort of a Hard Candy type story, but even that turns out to be untrue when (spoiler alert) the girls admit to being in their 20s. The acting is awful, the story is garbage, and it's really hard to get yourself invested in the movie at any point. Even when you think the girls are as young as they claim to be, you find yourself wondering how the hell they were able to subdue a full grown Keanu Reeves more than three f**king times in the movie. In the end, because who cares, they post a video of one of the girls having sex with Keanu (while he is tied to a bed and protesting), as proof that Keanu is a horrible monster, on Facebook (because…Facebook), and of course people start responding in horror and disgust. The girls leave him buried up to his neck in the back yard and run along scott free, while Keanu frees a hand (somehow) and accidentally likes the sex video instead of deleting it. Is… is that a joke Eli Roth? Because it's not funny. Hands down, this is one of the most offensively bad movies that I've seen in a long time, and you're much better off to skip it. Check out John Wick instead, that movie is f**king awesome. Look forward to seeing your next one Roth, I'm sure it'll be a masterpiece.

Reviewed by mary-179-677383 1 / 10 / 10

This movie will make you ANGRY

I actually liked the movie, but at the same time I really hated it. First off - Anyone that says Keanu Reeves can not act, is just being rude. He can act, he shows emotion. I could feel his pain through the screen and the torture he was going through. I could feel what he was going through and hence made me hate the film. Second, the movie shows he has a injured shoulder so would be weaker around the girls. As another poster said, I really want a revenge sequel. I am just not satisfied with this ending. The movie would have been a lot better if after he is left to be found. He gets all John Wick on the intruders and gives the little cows what they deserve. What really bugged me about the movie though, is #spoiler alert# if they weren't planning on killing Keanu Reeves, why did they purposefully kill the friend. Although it's meant to come across as "not their fault, he fell", they knew he had asthma, took his pump, made him need it, and jump for it. He probably fell because he couldn't breath. That really bugged me. Also if Keanu Reeves was a bad "dad" and person as they suggest, why did they ruin all his WIFES art, I get why they would destroy his music but why all his WIFES and innocent children's things and write curse words over his children's pictures. I hated this film, because it made me cringe. I really wanted the girls to be dealt with and I really hate that they just walked away. It made me give this movie a 4/10 because its so frustrating and unsatisfying. Maybe if Keanu Reeves character was actually a bad person, then yea this movie would work, BUT NO, he was a good person on the most part (sure he cheated, but he didn't go out of his way to cheat. You are sympathetic towards Keanu. He didn't deserve everything that happened). The girls were annoying, loud, crazy, psychopaths.. argh I hate them. Moral of the story Movie script writers- don't make a movie with the good guy is kicked and stomped on and the bad guys just get away. No one wants to watch that film.

Reviewed by Kristoffer Den Carabio Sexon 1 / 10 / 10


i don't know if the movie is meant to teach us a lesson about being a straight A father and not to f^ck total strangers no matter how pretty they are or if the movie is just straight A piece of crap. i am so sorry, there was just tons of loose ends, it was KINDA interesting, just enough for you to not push the stop button while watching but really, this is just HEARTBREAKING. i was expecting a lot since we have keanu in the movie and the girls were just damn fine but i still feel that i just wasted my time on this. the movie ended with an UNSATISFYING feeling. it's just empty, everything does not make sense at all. i should have just fapped myself to sleep.

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