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Reviewed by audrulyte 5 / 10 / 10

Does not live up to expectations

I enjoyed the original Kokowääh very very much, so my expectations for the sequel were really high. While Kokowääh 2 gives us the same characters and a further insight into their lives, and it also delivers some really nice and heartwarming and funny moments as one would expect, quite unfortunately the sequel just isn't good enough and feels lacking. Oh, don't get me wrong, the movie is still decent and watchable, and if one happens to be unaware of the first movie, which IMO was simply superb, then one might still find this movie very very good and all. But since I've seen the first Kokowääh movie, I'm really sorry to say that the sequel's bar is set so much lower than the original's. And for that let down of my expectations, I'll be harsh and give Kokowääh 2 a rating of just 5 statžrs out of 10.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 2 / 10 / 10

Lacks the heart of the original

"Kokowääh 2" is the sequel to the movie of the same name from 2011. It is once again written by, directed by and starring Til Schweiger, Germany's most known actor right now possibly, but not really the most talented as his characters are very similar usually. Looks like he found his niche. Torsten Künstler is the co-director and he worked with Schweiger a couple times before. The script comes from Béla Jarzyk just like for the first film. It is a bit shorter than the original, but not much, still crosses the two-hour mark. Gerat's character is a mother by now and Schweiger is the father of course. Looks like quite a bit happened, although the time gap was not that big really in terms of the action we did not witness during these two films. Matthias Schweighöfer plays himself here and he also worked with Schweiger before ("Keinohrhasen"), but I just don't see any appeal in him. Apart from that, we get the usual stuff, struggles in the relationship, with their jobs, with their new role as parents and some cheating and jealousy as well. Nothing is really new or refreshing though. The saddest thing for me was that Emma Schweiger, who was outstanding in the first, just had almost no charm in this sequel, which turned it in just another romantic relationship comedy with some drama effects. Her scenes were still better probably than most scenes without her, especially those involving the two boys in her life. The "diamonds are a girl's best friend" quote was possibly the negative highlight in terms of quotes. Her character would never say that and it felt so scripted. Her biggest strength in the first film was that she always seemed so natural. Here, it is frequently the exact opposite. Her character now lives with the two protagonists because her "real" parents split up. Samuel Finzi is still in this movie with a part as big as his role in the first. He did not wow me either though and his friend/foe relationship with Schweiger's character is really getting a bit repetitive. Let me say a word on the supporting characters. Boxer Artur Abraham played a minor part in a scene centered around "Duschlampen". Sorry, this play on words is too difficult to explain to non-German speakers. I wonder what they did with it in the dubbed version. Another athlete, retired handball player Stefan Kretzschmar, appears as well. Schweiger has a tendency of using famous people in small roles in his movies, even if they have nothing to do with acting. Look at Klitschko in "Keinohrhasen". Paula Kalenberg had a one-scene performance, which is a pity as she is more talented than that. Anne-Sophie Briest and Luna Schweiger are back as well and have a cameo just like in the first film. There was some sex-related humor which was pretty bad before minute 10 already. I did like the references about Schweighöfer's new movie though and how he wants awards with this one and the whole Palme d'Or joking plot. That wasn't too bad. I also liked Gedeon Burkhard, who was pretty hilarious. He was also totally correct when he commented on Schweighöfer's talent. In real, I mean. I just don't see the buzz. Unfortunately, he did really have only two scenes. And the outcome of his love proposal to Gerat's character was maybe the worst of the entire film. Why the hell would she sleep with Finzi's character. Yes she was drunk, but still...??? It's the same stupid cheating storyline from "Zweiohrküken" and it hurt the overall movie so much. The gay-themed sub-plot with Schweiger's and Finzi's characters was not funny at all. Everything involving Schweighöfer's cat was terrible and really off-the-mark. The predictable ending did not help much either and the story told by the kids on the ship was just as cheesy as it gets. Judging from this one here, I hope there will not be a third film and right now it doesn't look like they will make another, maybe also because this sequel was not even close to being as big of a hit at the box office as the first was. Admittedly, it did not perform bad either. I read about Bradley Cooper possibly starring in a US remake, but we will see about that.

Reviewed by saegezauberer 2 / 10 / 10

Alcohol and Advertisement

The whole movie people are drinking alcohol and the advertisement for Mercedes, Townie bikes and Apple is more than obvious. The movie has anyway the style of an advertising spot (camera, music, ...). Kokowääh 2 was promoted as a family movie, but what you get is tons of advertisement and alcoholics. Not to forget the mumbling of Schweiger and his daughter - maybe some speech therapist could help. As the storie is too thin, some celebs and hullabaloo has to fill the 120 mins: The "Duschlampe" "gag" with Arthur Abraham, the tampon scene with Schweigers older daughter, the pool scene with Stefan Kretzschmar and so on. On top of it you have Matthias Schweighöfer - his protégé who makes the same kind of movies - playing "himself". Where the first Kokowääh movie has something like a story - even it was also pure advertisement - the story of this movie is just absurd and ends up with a pseudo marriage of two kids and Schweiger as the priest - what a kitsch.

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