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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gunnar_Switzerland 9 / 10 / 10

A funny drama about a "cuckoo's egg" child

Til Schweiger acts as a playboy(his favorite role ;-)) who has no idea that he is the father of a beautiful, cute girl(played by his daughter Emma Schweiger) out of a One-night-Stand. Her mother(Meret Becker) let place her daughter in front of Til Schweiger door, in the moment her male(Samuel Finzi) realized after 8 years of marriage that he is not the father and the relationship is breaking up... This story is hard stuff for everybody who could feel with both men and the little daughter. It is full of effecting moments and feelings. They have mixed so many funny scenes and stories in that the audience is possessed, but not crying. An important piece of work by Til Schweiger and his crew and a must see for German speaking people! @Til, good start! Go on with important stories(e.g. child poverty). Thanks again.

Reviewed by Katka_Sovova 6 / 10 / 10

Intelligent and touching romantic comedy that makes you think

Kokowaah follows in the fame of the previous Til Schwiger's films and as well as it's predecessors, it also keeps the bar pretty high. The well - balanced mix of romance, fun, emotions on the background of a serious topic makes Kokowaah be a movie one really enjoys, thinks about and won't forget. Til is often very lucky about his co-stars and Kokowaah is not an exception. His daughter Emma in character of eight - year - old Magdalena does a pretty good job as well as Samuel Finzi (Tristan, Magdalena's non - biological father), whose totally natural and believable embodiment in his role became the biggest surprise of the movie to me. Although, judging by the trailer, I firstly hesitated about Jasmin Gerat, she s very pleasant to be watched as well as Til who, next to her, seems to be the most relaxed in his part he has ever been. Kokowaah certainly lives up Til's fans' expectations as it misses nothing they were waiting for. The usual(and in my opinion so far the absolutely best)scene with toilet, repeated moments and lines taken from the previous Til's movies - this all is there. However, their amount is too high thus Kokowaah sometimes (primarily at its beginning) reminds a parody at Til's previous films, which is a bit pity. The points that Kokowaah might loses at some moments are "replenished" again with its brilliant soundtrack and score, which is worth buying, the more due to it's well-done digipack. I would recommend this movie to everyone who seeks for original, good and intelligent entertainment. Til Schweiger offers this all so why not to accept such an invitation...

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 6 / 10 / 10

Emma Schweiger makes this movie

"Kokowääh" (a wordplay on Coq au Vin) is a German over-2-hour movie from over four years ago. It was written and directed by possibly Germany's most famous right now, Til Schweiger and he also plays the main character, funnily also a script writer. In terms of money, only the newest Pirates and Potter films were bigger hits at the box office in Germany in 2011. The movie starts with a little Ulrich Wickert cameo and we see how the protagonist is quite a Casanova with quickly changing girlfriends. All this changes a bit when Jasmin Gerat's character comes back into his life (professionally) and he finds out he has an 8-year-old daughter from a one-night stand. These two change his life completely and I have to say Emma Schweiger (obviously Til's real daughter as well, the fourth movie of the two together) really rocked this movie. Very authentic, great screen presence, funny line delivery and just a joy to watch in general. She is probably the most talented of the Schweiger kids and appeared most recently in another as the lead character in "Honig im Kopf". I'm not sure how Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" fits the scene where the two meet for the first time, but it's a good song, so I am fine with it. This film has decent music choices all in all. Aside from that, Katharina Thalbach was lots of fun at the dentist's. It's another example how Schweiger casts usually very famous actors, even for insignificant roles. However, there are films where this is more the case than here. Just like in other Schweiger movies, the film's title is a child-language quote picked from a scene ("Keinohrhasen", "Honig im Kopf") out of the movie which somehow bears lots of significance. I cannot really say this is the case here, but you could probably make an argument that he still has to get used to being a father now and making a kid "Coq au Vin" instead of chips or spaghetti is a metaphor for this struggle. Another favorite scene of mine was the mobile phone / toaster scene. Pretty funny and the little Schweiger girl has such great face acting, at age 8 probably more than the likes of Neubauer, Thomalla and Ferres at 50. Jasmin Gerat plays the love interest here and sadly, I have to say she has neither the range nor the charm of Nora Tschirner and with her short hair she does not have the looks either. The worst is maybe that one scene where she uses that foreign accent. Downright cringeworthy. Maybe they should have gone with Friederike Kempter as the female central character. Also she has always some kind of unpredictability with her characters that could have helped a movie where we basically roughly know they will become a couple in the end and he will become a good daddy. One unpredictable thing was the constant story inclusion of Finzi's character who I initially expected to disappear as quickly as he entered the picture. Anyway, I personally enjoyed the first hour more than the second as it included more scenes with Emma Schweiger (the youngest of four Schweiger children) and the second half was more about the adults taking about the situation and the first half was really more about Til Schweiger's character starting to get to know and bond with his daughter If you enjoyed this, take a look at the sequel from 2013, which is also over 2 hours long. I read about plans for a third movie, but Schweiger kept it at 2 as well for "Keinohrhasen" and "Männerherzen", so it's probably not gonna happen. I also read that Bradley Cooper may star in an American remake. We will see how much truth there is to that. Until then, you have to watch this film. Here and there it is a bit cheesy in terms of dialogs (the worst example: "begins to love her, realizes he made an infinite amount of errors") but all in all it is a decent watch thanks to Little Miss Schweiger. Without her, it would have been a fairly forgettable romantic comedy with dramatic elements. Recommended.

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